10 Ways Webinar can Help in Sales Enablement

We are living in time where people prefer to attend webinars instead of seminars. Webinars have taken the digital marketing by storm.

Want to improve sales enablement? Have you considered Webinars in your marketing strategy?

Till 2014 only 62% marketers were using webinars. No matter where you are, you can attend a webinar from anywhere in the world.


10 ways in which webinar can provide benefits in sales enablement are listed here in this article:

Real-time Connectivity and Interaction:

Webinars have much potential to increase sales enablement as presenter can directly connect with the audience watching it. Everyone who has an internet connection can view the session and it provides an interacting platform for users, without asking for their physical presence. Here, you get the opportunity to widen your reach and so, sales can be improved greatly with the use of the strategy.


A better and efficient way of promotion:

In marketing, promotions play a key role. Webinars let you promote your website or company in a different and unique way. The exposure of your brand increases effectively with the help of these. It is scientifically proven that people tend to understand more about the products and services through videos in a better and proficient way.


It is convenient yet impactful:

These days almost everyone has access to internet connection so it can be used as a means for marketing. This marketing approach is quite convenient and on-demand because it provides users with full demonstration of products and end up engaging large audience. And hence help in sales enablement.


Let you connect with bigger audience:

The audience attending or watching your webinar is considered as viewers. It works the same way as YouTube channel does, as you can easily make new contacts with the help of your presentations. The concept of webinar marketing is used as a weapon by sales team or management for enhancing the sales.


Helps you in establishing credibility:

It is an effective approach to make your ideas even more credible. When the presenter hosts the webinar then they can easily convince people who are watching it by interacting and lending them the full-fledged knowledge of the product. This way one can efficiently increase sales and establishes lifetime connections with customers.


Allows you to enhance brand awareness:

Brand awareness is a crucial part of marketing strategy. Webinars help in brand awareness by making audience more aware about your brand’s product by running advertisements and doing consistent promotion. A webinar set up allows you to have a big consumer base as it contains visual images of your brand.


This works as an inexpensive approach:

With the help of webinars, sales can be increased up to a great extent as they are not much expensive and some of the services are even available free of cost. This strategy provides you with assurance of better marketing results. And the best part is that it does not cost a lot.


Webinars let you reach more consumer:

It enables you to reach out to the potential audience. Digital marketers including creative designs to their webinar slides can lure viewers and draw potential leads for sites/businesses. The more engaging and interactive your session will be the more number of people you will be able to involve with your brand.


Helps you measure your market reach:

It provides you such tools with the help of those you can easily measure your market reach. When the brand is aware about the number of users it has reached with a specific webinar, then they can work accordingly measuring their marketing pitches.


Increased probability of converting unaware audience

Never doubt that people who attended the webinar are the only ones interested in your goods or services. There are chances; they might have missed the session because of unavailability of time. They can be your potential leads if they are interested in the products you are selling so use these non-attendees for sales enablement by following them up.

There is no doubt that webinars make up a great marketing tool because you can broadcast the information about your brand and products through it. Digital marketers connect with greater audience and discuss the pros and cons of it so that they can make the right choice.

Sales enablement technology is sometimes so focused on solving problems for the content creators and managers that it loses sight of its goal: improving sales performance.

This webinar walks you through what it’s like on the receiving end of sales enablement programs, and gives you actionable tips on how to ensure your sales enablement programs are helping your sellers, not getting in their way. Find out how to increase adoption and use instead of implementing a tool that falls flat.


Writer corner:

The post has been written by ‘Ariba Khan’, working as a content writer at ‘Delhi School of Internet Marketing’, a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers digital marketing course. She has a knack for writing and continues sharing her views on Digital Marketing topics. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.


DSIM is a big platform to learn Digital Marketing


An Interview with Karan Mehta, Senior Account Manager at Snapdeal and DSIM’s Ex-trainee

In an interview with Karan Mehta, DSIM Ex-Trainee discusses his experience with DSIM and scope of digital marketing in future.

Q1. Hi Karan. We came to know that you are working at Snapdeal. So, what all projects are you handling at your job?

Ans. I am working at Snapdeal as a Senior Account Manager. At present, I am taking care of mobile & tablet based promotions and campaigns which get seen on various platforms. Handling team of 5 people, I am also responsible for managing, growing the brand’s GMV, revenues, seller and acquisitions.

Q2. Wonderful! You pursued BCA, still you went for digital marketing training. So, what prompted you to learn digital marketing?

Ans. I discovered good scope of digital marketing while working in good companies. With keen interest in learning digital marketing, specially AdWords and campaign, I wanted to go for freelancing and blogging. The reason lead me go for digital marketing training at DSIM.

Q3. Tell us, why you picked DSIM over other digital marketing institutes?

Ans. Well, I have gone through DSIM reviews and many of my friends also did training from DSIM. They gave positive feedback and recommended the name over others. DSIM holds great reputation and my experience was really wonderful.

Q4. Talking about digital marketing, it is the top most industry today. We would like to know more about scope of digital marketing from you?

Ans. You’ve probably heard the hype – digital marketing is in serious demand, this particular job market is booming and brands are putting more of their focus on digital marketing than ever before.
Digital marketing has already created big waves in India and still continues to develop. Future of digital marketing is bright as more and more businesses are coming online.

Q5. Karan, how was your overall training experience at DSIM?

Ans. DSIM’s training methodology is completely unique. It gives you all the tools to become a successful professional. I learned conceptualized management, principles and their application in real life through Project works, case discussions and presentations etc. during the live classroom discussions. I found DSIM as a big platform to learn digital marketing and to get a great exposure.

Q6. Where would you rate DSIM’s training program, on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. It was just perfect. What I learned from DSIM is simply best. I would like to give 10 out of 10.

Q7. So, Karan, at the end, Share your message to young fellows about a career in digital marketing?

Ans. Digital presence has become a necessity nowadays. So if you want to make digital marketing your career, then you have chosen the right path. Digital marketing is not just a great career to pursue but rewarding and exciting as well, for both fresh graduates and working employees, looking for a job change.

Karan Mehta completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in December 2015.

Source: http://dsim.in/blog

The Growing Need of Digital Marketing Courses

The digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a very fast pace. The trends have completely changed, these days people spend more time on internet. It has become effective as compared to earlier times. We all look for a better and easy way to complete our day to day tasks. And the emerging field of digital marketing has helped us a lot in accomplishing our goals over the internet.


Businesses are going digital these days as they have realized that it has much potential and will yield productive results for their company. It has always been connecting with the right audience at the right place. And the platform which is most suitable to connect with the large group of intended audience is online. Everyday marketers face new challenges and opportunities as the marketing trends are continuously transforming.

There are various Digital marketing institutes in the country coming up with digital marketing training program to help the people cope up with modern technology. Any market which exists online comes under digital marketing. More and more number of people are getting attracted to it because it is has a lot of career opportunities for the youth in present and upcoming times.

Consumers can be pursued easily as they have access to information anytime and anywhere they want to. It is an ever growing source of entertainment, shopping, news and social interaction.Gone are the days when people just knew what the company says about it as now they can read company reviews.

With the extent of it our lives have become less complex. The demand of digital marketers is increasing at a very rapid rate. Large number of people wants to pursue Digital marketing course in Bangalore and Digital marketing course in Hyderabad to tackle the growing need of such training programs.

The skills learnt in this training help in shaping your career in an efficient and better way. The initiative of such courses is to make the people aware about the various marketing tactics.

8 Must Know Things before Taking up a Digital Marketing Course

Marketing is all about connecting with the audience at the right time and in the right place. And in today’s time a place where you can easily connect with other people is internet. Digital marketing is an emerging field which has a lot of potential. The need of digital marketing courses is increasing at a very fast pace as everyone is attracted towards it. Marketing techniques have been completely revolutionized since the introduction of digital marketing.  ·


We understand the value of your money and time both so before you invest makes sure that you are investing in the right course and at the right place.

There are certain important points one should keep in mind while taking up a digital marketing course:

  • Brand value: One must look for a place which has a specific brand value. It is always better to pursue the training from an institute which has a better name in the industry. This factor plays a major role when you look for a job. You are given more preference when you have done your training form a renowned place.


  • How old they are in the industry: While enrolling for the training program makes sure that you enroll in an institute which is not very new in the industry. If you will enroll for a digital marketing course in a new institute then there is no assurance whether you will be getting the quality education or not.An institute which has been in the industry from a quite a number of years is always better to join for doing digital marketing training.


  • Trainers: The trainers play an important role in your digital marketing training. They are the people from whom you are going to learn so you must make sure that they have in depth knowledge of the topic. And you can learn more from an experienced trainer as compared to fresher.


  • Course Content: The course curriculum should be your major concern as course curriculum is the most important part of your training program. You will learn digital marketing as per the content. It should contain essential topics like Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, search Engine Optimization and lot more. The Top Digital Marketing Institutes like Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) cover all the important modules related to digital marketing.


  • Certifications: The institute must provide you with certificates from a renowned brand. Certificates help you a lot when you appear for interview. If you are a certified digital marketer then you are giving more preference. So you must make sure that you choose a course from an institute which awards you with certificates.


  • Live projects: We all know that practical knowledge is way much better than theoretical one. We grab more from the live examples. And when the theoretical knowledge is combined with practical then the learning becomes more fun. The live projects help you gain expertise over different digital marketing techniques and tools.


  • Word of Mouth: before enrolling for the course, you must read the reviews about that institution. This way you will be able to know that what people say about the place you are taking admission into. And if you are satisfied with the words then only opt for it as there is no point studying at a place which doesn’t impart quality education.


  • Placement opportunities: Most of the youth is attracted towards digital marketing and want to pursue their career in the same field. So you should join a training program which provides you with placement opportunities. It depends on the way how you perform and earn from the training. But with the help of placement opportunities provided by the organization, finding a right job becomes relatively easier. As you are referred by the institute from where you did your training then there are better chances of you getting hired by the company.


Digital Marketing is one of the most promising fields for providing the employment to youth. In a world which is constantly evolving into something better, digitalization helps you stay ahead of changing times. So if you want to be a digital marketer then go for the right digital marketing course.

Got Promising Job, Credit Goes To DSIM!


An Interview with Faheem Hassan, SEO Trainee at Acelerar Technologies and DSIM’s Ex-trainee.

Our conversation with Faheem Hassan, DSIM’s Ex-Trainee, share his views on digital marketing and experiences.

Q1. Hi Faheem, you have done MBA in marketing and did an internship in ICEC, after that you chose digital marketing training from DSIM. Tell us what inspired you to go for Digital Marketing Training?

Ans. I completed MBA and internship at an Event management company namely, “India china Economic Cultural council (ICEC)” and recently digital Marketing training at DSIM. Being as a Marketing Student, it was need of an hour to penetrate myself in current marketing dynamics and it didn’t seem fitting myself in doing traditional way of Marketing, achieve targets by doing door to door Sales. Because I am the guy who wants to work as Strategist in Marketing, not a Sales Man reason being am have poor convincing power.

Q2. Congratulations Faheem! We came to know that you have got a decent job. So, how it feels like?

Ans. Thanks a lot! Well, it’s a good feeling and the credit goes totally to DSIM trainers from whom I learn a lot in DSIM, all I can say is thank you. It’s all their efforts that make me believing in hard work.

Q3. So, what all projects are you handling at your job?

Ans. Well, I am working as an SEO trainee at Acelerar Technologies. Our team is presently working on a project, “Virtual Employee” and simultaneously we work on many projects. Also, I work on social media marketing of the company.

Q4. We are curious to know that, Why DSIM, what was the reason that you selected it over quite a lot of others institutes?

Ans. Basically, I searched on the internet and find it a sound institute then I joined a demo class with Karan Sharma as host. Honestly, I was impressed with the way he teaches and knowledge in depth he has then I thought it is a good digital marketing institute where I can learn a lot and amend my skills.

Q5. Faheem, how did you get this job and will you please brief us about the interview procedure for our readers?

Ans. I got a lot of job opportunities from DSIM placement. I applied and one day a consultancy called me for virtual employee profile and fixed the interview. I cracked the three rounds of tests. I came to know the key to Crack the interview is communication skills, confidence, knowledge about the concern specialization and the awareness of job profile needs.

Q6. Notable Faheem! Digital marketing has become one of the highly flourishing industry today. What`s your view on this?

Ans. Digital marketing is an enlightened field. Today, every organization in the world is looking for new improvements, solutions, and applications to promote their products and services in the digital sphere. To get into Digital Marketing, you need to recognize your interests and strengths in order to make a right decision to specialize into a particular area of Digital Marketing.

Q7. It’s nice talking to you Faheem. At the end, Share your message to masses about a career in digital marketing?

Ans. The world is going Digital and by the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India will have an online presence and thus generating a lot of career opportunities. With technology developing every day, you have to constantly improve your digital marketing skills so that your career keeps growing.

Faheem Hassan completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in July 2016.

Sources: http://dsim.in/blog/

Digital marketing is the demand of time and industry. I am happy to be a part of it



An Interview with Mr.Ankit Narula, Management Trainee in HDFC Life and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee. He shares with us how digital marketing knowledge helped him in switching a job that guaranteed him an ever-growing career.

Q1. Hi Ankit, we came to know that you are about to shift your domain from sales to marketing. Can you tell us the reason of this domain change?

Ans. I had always my interest in marketing and especially in joining digital marketing Courses. I always tried to learn all those things which I can get in this area. DSIM also became a part of it. I gained all the practical knowledge of digital marketing through DSIM. Now is the time of change and I am very much confident about my future in digital marketing. Earlier whatever I learned was not in an organized way and it was just a read through. At DSIM I have learned specific skills which I believe is the industry demand. Fortunately, the same has been recognized by my organization.The modules I have covered in your course are to the point, very practical and the demand of time.

Q2. So, did you face any challenge while shifting your domain from sales to marketing?

Ans. Switching a job is never easy but I started my training at DSIM and prepared for job switching in parallel. While I was learning different modules, my confidence kept on increasing. I had to go through interviews for a profile change. All has gone well. I give a lot of credit to DSIM for it. it is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India.

Q3. Great! Can you tell me what inspired you to go for Digital Marketing Training?

Ans. One should never stop learning. Working in a traditional way, I was feared of being obsolete as a resource in a few years. So looking at the demand of time and industry, one can believe that Digital world is here to stay for at least another decade. Secondly, my personal interest spurred me to come in this area.

Q4. Talking about digital marketing; it is one of the highly booming industries at present. What’s your take on this?

Ans. As said earlier, I believe, digital is here to stay for long. I read an article which quoted that only 3% of India’s population currently buys online. I work in an Insurance industry and Insurance is one of the most complicated products to sell today. I believe if insurance can be sold online, a lot of stuff can be sold very easily. India has a huge huge future digitally, going forward.

Q5. And yes what about the training? In what sense it helped you?

Ans. Everyone knows the running era is of Digital world. But very few people know what to do and how to do next. I was also among the major part. Then DSIM showed me the light and helped me to reach the place where I really wanted to be.

Q6. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM?

Ans. Believe me, my personal experience was wonderful. Initially, I was never convinced with the idea of Online Training through webinars. But now I must say that I was wrong at that time. My opinion has totally changed now. The trainers have been very knowledgeable and very supportive.The support team has assisted brilliantly. Really, you people know the importance of a client.

Q7. So, how would you rate the trainers at DSIM?

Ans. Whatever I have learned was almost new to me. The knowledge, way of communication and confidence level of the trainers seems that they were professional and experienced trainers. I would rate them as 9 on a scale of 10

Q8. So, is there something you would like to put across to the young generation struggling to fix their career?

Ans. Money does make you happy, but doing what you love makes you happier. I have felt it personally. I would give the same advice to others. If you have a minor interest in digital marketing too then just go for it. Believe me, it will change the way you think about digital marketing. Just work with interest and feel the difference.

Source:  http://dsim.in/blog/

Digital marketing professional course is better than any kind of online tutorials


An Interview with Mr. Amaneesh Seth,Freelancer and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee. He shares his DSIM review with us and how digital marketing helped him in choosing his career line.

Q1. Hi Amaneesh, Currently you are pursuing MBA but still you opted for digital marketing training programme. Can we know the reason behind it and what’s your plan for future?

Ans. As I want to grab a job in the online retail sector and for the reason I did digital marketing training. Digital marketing training gave me an edge over all students in my campus. I am the only one in my batch who got knowledge of digital marketing. It’s just not an add-on; it’s a backbone for a person who wants job in online retail sector.

Q2. Yes really it is a nice choice. Let our readers know why did you choose digital marketing as your line of career?

Ans. I chose digital marketing because it’s not only the future; it’s a need of today. If you want to grow a business, you need that. If we see statistics, we will come to know many people using the internet and it has increased many folds from the past 5 years. As I have already said, if you have to grow and want to go ahead then you have to do it and must have knowledge of digital marketing.

Q3. One interesting thing we came to know that you are doing freelancing projects after completing your training. Can you tell us how you get these projects and how it helps in generating money?

Ans. Yes sure! Let me tell you, after completing my training, I am working on freelancing projects for two clients. I am handling the social media portfolio and I am also looking after the website development.

It is just a word-of-mouth when I told my family and friends about I am doing this course. They contacted me for their business. Many of my friends have their family business and they feel they need to digitalize as this is need of today. Specifically, when I talk about knowledge that businessman have, they don` have enough knowledge about digital marketing. But they need this to grow their businesses. So, my role is that I am to help them, guide them.

My clients are happy with my work and they recommend me too to other clients. So, this is how I got my projects. My limitation is I am doing MBA, can`t take multiple projects at a time. So, I concise to 1-2 project right now.

The money is depending on the portfolio that you are handling and definitely also on the clients. I am easily able to make 10,000 to 12,000 rupees from 1-2 projects per month on an average.

Q4. That’s a great work you are doing Amaneesh. What do you think is the scope of digital marketing?

Ans.Digital marketing will grow many folds. If I talk about government policies, they are bringing digital policies in each & every sector like insurance, health care.Even if we want passport assistance, we can do it online via App.Everything is getting digital that is what the main aim of our PM to make every industry digital. India has very good future in digital marketing; it will definitely grow; neither will get stagnant nor will decline.

Q5. Nicely explained Amaneesh. You completed digital marketing training from DSIM. How was your overall training experience and if you can review DSIM for our readers?

Ans. It is an amazing experience. I was enthusiastic from day one. I came to know about those softwares that I was not aware at all. They provided me many tools and hands-on experience. It is very easy to learn at DSIM or I can say they made it easy for us.The two things I like to say about DSIM are that they made this course easy to learn. And second, was the tools and extra knowledge which the trainers gave was a kind of X-factor.So, being a youngster it really attracts me a lot if I get tools, software and extra knowledge about them. i would say it is the best digital marketing institute in India.

Q6. How would you review the trainers at DSIM?

Ans.If I talk about trainers at DSIM, Kunal sir, I really like to give him 10 out of 10. When I had classes with him, it was very nice and interesting.Mr. Gaurav is also good. I like to rate him 8.5. The main quality of Gaurav is he gives a lot of extra knowledge apart from the course.The classes are very interactive. I learned a lot about new tools.

Q7. So, before we finish it up is there something you would like to put across to the young students who are puzzled about their career?

Ans. Yes definitely! I would like to tell them if they have not joined this kind of course, they are getting late day by day. They should do it right now. Many of the students I met, they say “Hum to YouTube sey seekh lenge”. So, this kind of approach is very bad. You really have to follow a schedule which only institutes like DSIM can provide through their digital marketing courses. They have to come 1-2 month regularly. So, this regularity will give them clarity in their mind about this course.

If they ask me personally, I would tell them they have enough career option like they can start their own business and they can join any company. Digital marketing is in huge demand. People call me and ask about what digital marketing is. There is much curiosity in the market.

And please don’t go for the trap like YouTube sey seekh lenge, tutorial video dekh lenge. It’s better that you join a course and be regular in your classes.

Mr. Amaneesh Seth completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in July 2015.