A Detail Overview on E-mail Marketing

What is E-mail Marketing?

E-mail Marketing as the name recommends is about using e-mails as a part of promotion. It is a simple technique to keep individuals in your circle up-to-date about the products or services texture. It’s a viable method used by businesses globally and benefits your enterprise develop and mark a presence on the web.


Why it is needed?

Email marketing is useful for any business and with a tool as capable and simple to as Continual Contact, one need not to be a promotion expert to witness results. It can be and is used in several manners by companies and marketers for brand and customer reliability building, securing or converting customers, organization ads and for conveying promotional offers and more.

Benefits of E-mail Marketing

  • Sending E-mail is less expensive than other methods of communication
  • It permits you convey your message to the people unlike a website
  • It offers contact management with less of the management
  • It helps you track your success progressively
  • Limitless possibilities to drive new businesses
  • One can automatically send the right message at right time

Difference between Opt-In and SMTP Server

Opt-In Server

Opt-in email is a term used when somebody is given the choice to get email or you can say it is a web promotion term for email that recipients have formerly requested by signing up on a site or distinct Ad banner. Commonly, this is some kind of mailing list, newsletter, or advertising. Without attaining consent before sending email, the email falls under uninvited bulk email, better called as spam.

SMTP Server

The abbreviation SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the system behind the email flow on the Internet. It is a web standard for E-mail transmission. Utmost e-mail systems that send mail over the web use SMTP to send messages starting with one server then onto the next.

Types of E-mail Marketing

There are three types:

  1. Direct E-mail
  2. Retention Email
  3. Advertising in other people’s E-mail

Top Tools for E-mail Marketing

Mail Chimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, SendGrid, Yes Ware

Precautions while sending E-mail

Mentioned underneath is a listing of preferred tips that one need to follow before sending an E-mail:

  • You must keep your E-mails short and accurate
  • Your subject line must be clear and simple to read
  • You must take account of the name or alias of the e-mail recipient
  • Do watch your spelling and grammar
  • Never send the confidential information in E-mail
  • Use plain text rather than HTML
  • Use a clean signature


Learn E-mail marketing:

There are many institutes that offer Email marketing course, but DSIM is a leading institute that delivers quality digital marketing professionals. The institute is active since 2011 and has its branches in Bangalore and Kolkata other than Delhi.

The institute offers training program in Email marketing as well as full digital marketing course or Online Marketing Course. The institute has got 8.6 rating from the trainees from all across the globe. You can check reviews on the following Sites. Have a look at those:


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