5 Social Media Marketing Tips for your brand

Social media marketing is mostly used for branding a particular product or company. It is the process of gaining traffic to the business website. Social media marketing is not as easy as it seems but people take it for granted and think that anybody can do it all you got to do is put a post, boost it and rest the site will take care of it. In reality the scenario is completely different. There are lots of parameters which you will have to follow in order to get noticed on social media platforms. Here we have few tips which can get you noticed over social media:

1. Use of CTA’s on your page:


It will help in boosting the traffic on your website and will redirect the traffic from social media to your website which will be helpful in optimizing website ranking.


2.Keep on switching the format of content:


Don’t use the same format again and again on your social media page. Up to a point your reader might enjoy it but after sometime it will become monotonous and will bore your readers/followers.


3. Use images or infographics:


Use of images and infographics increase the engagement, as reader don’t have to spend much time in reading you post, and the chances of your post getting viral increases if your content is good and engaging.


4. Use A/B testing:


People think that A/B testing is good for Adwords or email marketing only but conducting A/B testing on social media increases the chances of conversion and also saves your advertising cost as well as you can actually use your best post for advertising purpose as well.


5. Choose the best time:


People often make mistakes by randomly posting on social media which is not really a right strategy. Rather than posting 4- 5 times in a day randomly and getting no response from the follower check the time at which your targeted customers are online and then post at that point of time in order to increase your visibility.

Boost Your Social Media Skills :

A good Social Media Marketer is one who can build Meaningful Relationships with both consumer and other business owner. Can create unique strategies and able to understand the requirements of Customers.


Social media is a very powerful tool to reach out to your targeted audience, but many don’t know how to utilize it effectively. ‘N’ Number of opportunities and jobs are available in social media. Enhance your social media Skills today by Joining DSIM Digital Marketing training. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) is among the top Digital marketing institute that offers high quality Digital Marketing course. Social media is a very powerful tool to reach out to your targeted audience, but many don’t know how to utilize it effectively. Here you will not only learn Social Media marketing but become a successful Digital marketer too.


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