Top tools for Bulk Email marketing

Email Marketing as the name praises is about using E-mails to do the promotion tasks. It is a basic practice to keep people in your circle aware about your offerings. It’s a practical strategy utilized by businesses comprehensively and advantages the undertakings and create & check the presence of these businesses on the web.

It is an easy and demonstrated procedure to market your business. The strategy helps you drive new clients and to maintain good relationships further. There’s an extensive list of email marketing service providers accessible and these work at low costs, with features to meet the needs of businesses.

Best E-mail Marketing Service Providers

  • MailChimp

Mail Chimp was established in the year 2011 and has features that permit clients to send promotional mails, preset messages, and focused campaigns.


At the point when talked about its set up and utilization, it has basic interfaces. So, looking to begin with email marketing with minimal measure of whine, MailChimp is a piece of your tool kit.

  • AWeber

AWeber is a tool that helps users to send messages the correct way. It gives you the adaptability to oversee contacts and tweak your own particular email formats.

email2As a rule, this tool helps you do email promotion without a considerable measure of complain.

  • Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor offers a simple approach to associate with your group of audience through email advertising.


It makes it simple to create, send and measure the effect of the email marketing campaigns with automated assistants.

  • EmailBrain

EmailBrain email service provider is an online application that permits clients to streamline the effect of your communications.


It serves as an effective tool for creating, overseeing, sending and following pamphlets and email campaigns.

  • StreamSend

StreamSend offers simple ways to use social and email promotion services. It gives influential Social Email Marketing, Free Fan pages and social sharing instruments.


The e-mail format it has, gives you the way to make visually satisfying, powerful e-mails without the troubles that come along with custom formats, picking shade plans, and outlining realistic components.

  • Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is the simplest approach to make, send, share and track email pamphlets on the web. It is for individuals who need email marketing procedure to be basic.


On regular basis, more than 40 million messages are sent, shared and followed utilizing this agreeable and effective e-mail marketing tool.

  • Benchmark Mail

Benchmark Email offers the tools you have to create advertising campaigns and evaluate how your clients are getting them.


With Benchmark Email, users can create bulletins, reviews, occasion data and coupons rapidly. The marketing pieces can incorporate your logo and shading plan, and pictures & video.

  • GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that helps you keep up your list of contacts and make proficient looking marketing campaigns and gives clients the information and tools they need to be more compelling at reaching their audience.


  • Constant Contact

Email Marketing is useful for any business and with tool as intense and simple to use as Constant Contact, you can helpfully witness the outstanding marketing outcomes.


With its customizable formats you can create professional mails. It has an element which permits clients to naturally send the right mails at the ideal time.

  • GraphicMail

GraphicMail combines email marketing with social networking and so, creates an advanced and powerful email marketing tool.


This mass email marketing tool can even catch cell-phone users with its mini site creation. While this is an incredible service to use, the interface can be a little difficult to explore.

  • Boomerang

Boomerang is the email productivity software. It appeared in the year 2010 and has helped a large number of clients to schedule mails to get sent at ideal time.


It is a browser plugin that can be utilized for Gmail, Standpoint and in addition Android.

About the Author:

This article has been written by Sarika Singh, a Senior Content Writer at Delhi School of Internet Marketing, an institute that offers digital marketing Course. She likes to share along some intriguing updates around the digital marketing domain. For more updates visit the site:


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