How to Use Promoted Pins on Pinterest?

Before hopping over the promoted pins highlight of Pinterest, it gets important to know this long range social networking channel.


What is Pinterest?

As we know, Pinterest is a social networking site that permits clients to outwardly share, and find new interests by posting (known as “pinning” on Pinterest) pictures or videos to their own or others’ boards and skimming what different users have pinned.

As said the world’s catalog of ideas, this is a medium interfacing people through shared interests i.e. their passion, leisure activities, tastes, and values. This is done in an individual and credible way. A user needs to go for registration to utilize this images sharing site.

This stage is used enormously for uploading, saving, sorting and managing images and other media content.

What is Promoted Pins on Pinterest?

A promoted pin is a paid promotion on Pinterest. These are much the same as customary pins, the only difference is that one has to purchase them to get them seen by other individuals. These are local advertisement units that perform simply well. Promoted Pins can be utilized just for US or UK based business accounts.


Utilizing this component, a user can focus on specific areas, demographics and gadgets and achieve clients who are looking for or have demonstrated an enthusiasm for the relevant offerings. Promoted pins keep running on an expense for every click (Cost per Click Basis) and the campaign has a predefined day by day spending plan and span.

Pinterest is a fantastic approach to advance your brand image and direct people to your business. Promoted pins bring things a stride further. These look like general pins, yet have extra capacities to build perceptibility, so you get to the target clients at the ideal time.

Why this feature becomes important?

The stage is a standout amongst the most inventive spots for clients to recount their image’s story and carry out the expansion of the brand value all the while. A user can purchase and utilize elevated pins to accomplish all his/her advertising objectives. Promoted Pins help organizations to accomplish their business objectives, regardless of their sizes.

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic

How to create and edit promoted pin campaigns?

To put promoted pins into performance, first pick up a pin, and after that include terms. At that point, you need to set up the targeting and choose who sees it. Next step is of setting up a CPC bid. Later on, pick up a campaign and spending plan. At last, track and examine your elevated pins to perceive how your campaigns are getting along and figure out what to change to enhance results.

Campaigns can be made for various moments, product offerings or to advertise the same Promoted Pin with various targeting. Furthermore, the budget, and start and end dates of a campaign can be managed


The strides to figure out how to run a Promoted Pin Campaign are shown underneath and you can allude to this as you set up your first campaign.

  • Get started
  • Choose an objective for your campaign
  • Enter your campaign points of interest (details)
  • Pick a Pin to promote (So these appear in the most relevant places)
  • Add targeting details ( Set up targeting so the right people see your Promoted Pin)
  • Set your bid
  • Edit your Pin
  • Set up billing
  • Promoted Pin ad review
  • Edit a Promoted Pin campaign
  • Edit a Promoted Pin within a campaign
  • Add Promoted Pins to existing campaigns


About the Author

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