DSIM Reviews: check this Real story

One of the information that I would really like to share about DSIM is that its training program is superb and completely worth of. I started a new journey after completing my training from DSIM. Hi, My name is Shashank Bhardwaj and today i am going to share my DSIM Reviews. It enhanced my skills and now I can proudly say that I was a trainee at DSIM.

Prior to the training, I was struggling for my career growth. Although being from a technical background, I was not able to write codes for software. I was afraid of taking the training too. I was in dilemma whether to do the training from this institute or from any other institute or simply not to do these types of training. But I was to do anything because with my educational degree I was not getting any job. It is not that I did not try for the job but the in reality I tried a lot for any job. Counting on hands, I tried for more than 150 jobs in Delhi NCR. I was unlucky to get a job. Everything was running against my luck.

When I decided to go for digital marketing training program, DSIM was there present amongst favored names and so, I studied DSIM reviewsavailable online. Some of them were really good whereas some were balanced. Avoiding all the uncertain thoughts in my mind, I joined DSIM to learn digital marketing. The counselors ensured me of job assistance. They told me to focus on course learning and need not to worry about anything else as they are present to take care of students’ needs.

Starting the Training

I started training and the first day was pretty much interesting. In the first stage it was introductory session. I was sitting in between many businessman and entrepreneurs. It was giving me courage to be like them. I was feeling very happy from inside. For this I would like to thank DSIM.

DSIM-reviews (2)

For many, they start out well, then after some time, many of them just lose interest, or they weren’t as energetic as I would like. I was fully focused on the training as I had struggled in my life and now really wants to do something good in my career…Read More


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