Joining DSIM has been the best decisions of my life

One day, I was just browsing the internet and searching “DSIM” what I see a negative review for this digital marketing institute. So, I thought as DSIM’s Ex-Trainee I definitely write a review for simply wonderful institute. I don’t know why people write fake DSIM reviews. I had experience the honesty and intelligence of the trainers at DSIM.

man lying with laptop drinking coffee or tea
man lying with laptop drinking coffee or tea

One thing I would change about DSIM is the impression that other people often have of it. I feel as though many people who do not attend DSIM view the institute as a cheat institute with zero focus on training. There are many hard-working and knowledgeable trainers who really got involved with their students.

It’s truly acceptable that some glitches always present in every place and it can be neglected if someone provides best training in the digital marketing. Today, I open a blank paper for writing a review for this institute without second thought, might this review help many upcoming digital marketers to choose wonderful place to learn A-Z of digital marketing. I am going to post some information by the means of DSIM reviews which may help you on making up the choice.

First of all, start with my introduction; I am Rachit Saxena, working with one of the leading MNC’s for last 2 years as digital marketer. DSIM was instrumental in helping me refine what I wanted in my career, team, and life. I got enrolled into the program with some sales experience but no direction, but quickly was introduced to amazing people across the city that were so willing to speak with me and help me figure out who I wanted to become.

It is one of the institutes that helped me to get introduced to the online world. I belong to a non-technical background and I had little knowledge about the intricacies of Internet and its technical aspects. Fortunately, I had been a part of this institute and have been successfully refined my skill in this field.

Having said that, DSIM will not do the work for you. Simply attending the program will not result in any sort of dream job – you need to be out actively pursuing contacts and companies and hustle your butt off. DSIM will provide you the resources, but it is up to you what you do with them. Enrolling in SI was one of the best decisions of my life and I encourage anyone ready to invest in them to take the plunge, too!

Here is my DSIM reviews……….

I was in search of ‘Online Marketing’ or ‘Digital Marketing’ course for a year or so in Delhi, I found DSIM always as a teaser for me along with few others like Digital Vidya, NIIT, and Simplilearn. Except DSIM I felt rests are mainly talking about Certification. I read through DSIM milestone so far, and then I decided to join DSIM.

Then, I called up one day & met one of the counselor at DSIM which is in Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, near to Malviya Nagar metro station, there he briefed me entire course curriculum…Read More


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