Read Before joining any Digital marketing institute

I am Pratiksha, Student of DSIM fast track January batch. I am a recent graduate from ITM, Gurgaon. Today I am going to share some DSIM reviews that will aid you in search of your good Digital marketing institute.


It was in the month of June when I was about to complete my graduation. I was looking out for career opportunity for myself but I realized that before going for a job I should pursue some professional training to have an upper hand over my other classmates.


Firstly, I was planning for CISCO, IEEE and Microsoft certification but later on I realized that most of my classmates were also going for the same. So I thought it to be a bad idea. Also, frankly speaking even though I was a CS student but I never had interest in CS.

k3958454I always felt that this is really not my cup of tea but I always had interest in internet and I was always keen to learn new things so I started my search for something which is unique and actually have some scope also.


So after researching for long 3 months I came across DSIM which was some digital marketing institute. I started searching on Google about the institute and read out some DSIM Reviews also. At first I thought it to be some IT training institute but later on when I interacted with the counselor here and I realized it to be something new. He told me so many things about the industry and also referred me various links where I can know about the scope of the industry.


So after coming to DSIM I started my research and I realized that this is something which I would love to do. I mean just think all you have to do is sit on a computer with a cup of coffee and run campaigns over internet. So I decided that I for sure is going to pursue this course and will be going for a career in digital industry.

Finally, in the month of January I joined DSIM in a batch they call fast track which is said to be of 2 months. After my joining, things started turning around and I felt that it was not that simple and easy as I thought it to be; though DSIM did a decent job in making me learn digital marketing. My first 4 classes was average as it was theoretical, but as the training starting turning practical it became a very easy for me to understand the course and gradually I actually started enjoying the trainings.


Talking of the training, my classes were really good but sometimes internet issues were there. The trainers were Knowledgeable. The SEO, Adword, Analytics, SMM classes were extremely good and the sessions like email marketing and internet marketing strategy was my favorite, the affiliate marketing and adsense class by Kunal sir was extremely helpful .


Coming on to the trainers I won’t say that all my trainers were wonderful. I would say that they performed a decent job in helping me understand the digital marketing. The trainers in my Batch were Mr. Gaurav Madaan, Mr. Karan Sharma, Mr. Pratiksinh and Mr. Kunal Choudhary. My training started with Mr. Karan Sharma who I would say performed a good job in providing training his concept was so clear that even a metric can understand that easily. Then Mr. Pratiksinh came into picture and I really loved the sessions with pratik sir he is very enthusiastic and energetic and hold a good knowledge in his industry after Pratik sir Gaurav sir came in and he I would say that he had an extreme good knowledge of digital marketing  and at last we started our sessions with Kunal sir which I would call a wonderful experience he is an extremely knowledgeable person and the way he imparts the training is way beyond the limits of anyone else he is a perfectionist in his job.

Talking of overall experience, I would say that DSIM have performed a decent job and I am quite satisfied with the trainings and the training delivery. Hope these DSIM Reviews will help you. I would like to recommend everyone to give a shot to digital marketing.

Thanks for reading.


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