DSIM is not only esteemed but a great place to learn and get the knowledge you need to succeed.



An Interview with Mr. Salman Qureshi, Digital Marketer at Huawei Telecommunication Company and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares some DSIM Reviews with us and how digital marketing helped him in an extra push to his career in terms of digital marketing.

Q1. Hi Salman, we heard that you got job in Huawei Telecommunication Company after completion of your training from DSIM. So, what all projects are you handling at your job?

Ans. I am having experience in Marketing (ATL, BTL) of 2 years and overall 8 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing operations. Learning Digital Marketing was like “Cherry on the Cake”. Recently I got associated with one of the leading telecom company and I have been handling all the functions of Marketing i.e. ATL, BTL and Digital Marketing as a GTM.

Q2. Wonderful Salman. You have got a very decent and promising job. So, how it feels like?

Ans. In a single sentence, I would like to say that it feels like I am on the Moon.


Q3. Tell us, why did you choose digital marketing as the line of career?

Ans. I must say in Marketing Language “If you want to remain in Competition, you have to upgrade yourself rapidly” as I already had experience in offline marketing so I thought to upgrade myself as Digital Marketing is a growing force in the current marketing strategy.


Q4. How did you get this job and what remuneration has been offered to you?

Ans. I would like to thanks all the trainers and backend staff of DSIM who helped me in learning digital marketing. It’s not hard to get a job after learning Digital marketing, I just added it to my profiles and I grabbed it with 60% hike, isn’t it good?


Q5. That’s Magnificent Salman. Talking about digital marketing; it is one of the extremely flourishing industries at present. What`s your opinion on this?

Ans. Digital Marketing is a flourishing career option today. Digital marketing is the future of marketing and digital marketing job opportunities are expected to cross the figure of 10 lakh in the coming times. Digital marketing jobs in India are going to flourish and the fields will witness enormous accomplishment and growth.

Q6. Salman, how was your overall training experience @DSIM, Share some DSIM Reviews?

Ans. DSIM is fantastic. It’s a lot of fun and the classes are exciting. Few modules are tough, but there are trainers always willing to help. It’s a place that is trying to prepare its students for success in their future. DSIM is not only esteemed but a great place to learn and get the knowledge you need to succeed.

Q7. How would you rate the trainers @ DSIM?

Ans. I would like to give 9 out of 10 for DSIM trainers. Trainers are knowledgeable. All the trainers gave us enough time for each course module. Their motive was not only to finish it as per given time period but to make us perfect in digital marketing so that we get success in digital marketing.


Q8. So, before we finish it up, what would you like to say to young generation struggling to set their career?

Ans. Digital Marketing industry is predictable to grow exponentially in the next few years and thus my advice to you would be to pursue your course in digital marketing. There will be more than 2 Lacs jobs in Digital Marketing under Digital India Campaign. It is a good chance to grab it.
Mr. Salman Qureshi completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in May 2016.


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