Top 9 Questions to ask while hiring a content writer

We all be familiar with the fact that content is king today.  This is the main approach that the marketing blogs are using today. Producing quality content is the best way to fascinate and engage your audience on your website or Social Media. But, it is also a tough job to find a good content writer for your digital marketing institute, Agency, Organization and so on.


I’m going to share some imperative questions that you should ask before hiring a content write:

  1. Ask them to write a unique content on trending topic; this will aid you to check the person capability to work under pressure and knowledge interrelated to the market trends.


  1. Ask them to distinguish between dissimilar types of content. A worthy content writer should be able to segregate between blog, article, Press releases, news, event etc.


  1. Sign their knowledge and grasp over tools. A good content writer must have awareness about the tools like Plagrism checker, Grammarly etc.


  1. What do they adore about writing? Let them to define their style of writing. The blogs they generally choose to read.


  1. Ask them to write a feedback for a blog. Let them clarify the process they use for proofreading. Let them catch the errors and weaknesses of the post.


  1. How they pick what content should be created. What are steps they follow to generate a praiseworthy content.


  1. Apart from writing abilities you need to look after the creativity of a content writer. Don’t assume somebody to think out of the box, but counter their creativity that is style of writing a blog post, press releases etc.


  1. Ask them to display their content; blog whatsoever he believed was the finest piece of content he had made ever.


  1. Last but not the least, a content writer must have patience. Try to exam their patience.


About Writer


The post has been written by ‘Manju Rai’, working as a Digital marketing Expert at ‘DSIM– Delhi School of Internet Marketing’, a premier institute that offers digital marketing course. She loves to  share her views on Digital Marketing topics. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.




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