Digital marketing skills that you can learn for better career opportunities

Growth of internet has made the role of a digital marketer more important than ever. Some skills that you can learn to become a successful digital marketer are described below:


Content Marketing:

Content is the king and base for all your marketing. Nearly 50% of the companies have content strategy. What you need to learn in content marketing is the use of blog posts, infographics, eBooks, and such other things.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media budgets will get doubled in the coming next 5 years. Internet penetration is gaining more and more results. Nearly one-third of the population is currently using some type of social media platform. Social media is as strong platform that it can alone drag huge traffic to your website. It is being used as a powerful tool in the current marketing. So you must possess this skillset to become a good digital marketer.

Search Engine Optimization:

33% of traffic from Google’s organic search result goes to the first item listed. So knowing the strategies of search engine optimization will give you a cutting edge in the digital marketing industry.

Mobile Marketing:

The growth in mobile phone users has created a lot of opportunities for the marketers. This is new thing in the digital marketing industry and brands having their website of older version need to be optimized for mobile phones. So a digital marketer should have proficiency in mobile marketing.

Viral marketing:

spreading anything fast on web is an art and few names like Buzzfeed, Upworthy and ViralNova has grown up in this field. A digital marketer must have the ability to run viral marketing campaign to reach to huge audience in short time span.

Updated digital marketing knowledge:

Internet is full of knowledge. You just have to gather it and learn as much as you can. Apart from web, you can join a digital marketing course from leading digital marketing institutes like DSIM, NIIT, AIMA, and many others.

Wrap up story

It is a sign of good news that the internet penetration is increasing day by day and now people are getting more digital each day. The use of digital devices like computer, laptops, smartphones, and tablets have catch its way and now marketers are focusing more towards these digital medium.

The best way learn digital marketing is by doing it yourself. There is no better way to make you prepared as per industry need. You will have to dive in to the work and learn it by doing on your own. A successful digital marketer adopts the change in the digital industry quickly.

In the end, it’s not about being an expert in all the topics but yes, there are few in the industry who are experts in all the areas working for various organizations and helping them achieve their target.


About Writer:

This is a guest post by Priyatam Mishra. He is a blogger and market researcher at Delhi School of Internet Marketing, a premier institute that offers digital marketing course. His main focus is to create updated digital marketing booklets to educate people on why and how they can transform their business using digital marketing. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.


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