I got my first job at Fables through DSIM placement


An Interview with Mr. Shivam Sharma, Social media marketer at Fables and DSIM’s Ex-trainee

In an interactive session with Mr. Shivam, he shared some DSIM reviews and his training experiences @ DSIM and knowledge that he has learnt over his training session and some interesting tit bits about his career.

Q1. Hi Shivam, firstly heartiest congratulations for getting your first job with Fables. Going further, we would be happy to know about your qualification and what all projects are you handling in Fables?

Ans. Thanks a lot! I had done software engineering prior to doing digital marketing training. I recently got an internship in a brand designing firm called Fables, in Gurgaon. I would be responsible for their social media marketing.

Q2. Wonderful! You have got a very decent and promising job. So, how it feels like?

Ans. At the moment it feels pretty great. This would be my first job, so I’m nervous but excited to start.

Q3. Shivam, why did you choose digital marketing as the line of career, even after having an engineering degree?

Ans. Pragmatically speaking, I.T. industry is in a bit of a squeeze right now, so there isn’t much work, especially for fresher like me. Hence, I chose the field of digital marketing. Its fresh, its new and its somewhat on the same lines of what I had studied in my software engineering course.

So, it wasn’t that much of a change either. Plus, I really wanted to work in an environment which reflects my creativity, and digital marketing is all about that.

Q4. Why DSIM, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city?

Ans. Initially, when I had thought of joining digital marketing institute, I asked a bunch of my friends who were already working. A lot of their firms had a social media handle which was being maintained by a social media manager. Majority of them recommended DSIM.

Q5. Shivam, how did you get this job and what remuneration have been you offered?

Ans. After completing the course, I enrolled myself in DSIM’s placement cell, and started receiving weekly emails about various job vacancies. I went into one of the interviews that were being held and landed the aforementioned internship. I am getting decent package here.

Q6. Will you please tell us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for readers to get a preliminary idea?

Ans. I was asked questions about my education background, why I went from software engineering to digital marketing and some technical questions about social media marketing.

Q7. Did you find that DSIM’s training program helped you to mark your entry there?

Ans. It did help of course. DSIM’s training program helps me get acquainted to a field which is still somewhat alien in India.

Q8. Talking about digital marketing, it is one of the highly booming industries at present. Tell us about your views in this regard?

Ans. It is definitely one of the booming industries at present. It’s new and not many people know about it, which makes it easy to be cutting-edge. It’s definitely going to be huge in the future and it’s better to start now than later, when there’d be huge supply of it.

Q9. So, How was your overall training experience @DSIM?

Ans. The best part about my training was the study material given and of course the trainers.

The trainers are not conventional teachers; they have worked in the same field in which one would start their careers after doing a course from DSIM, which makes them exactly what a student needs to get an edge over others.

The study material is great; I still try to go over things from there whenever I get the chance.

Q10. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 10?

Ans. I really like to give 8 out of 10 for DSIM training. DSIM training program is wonderful. People who are looking forward to start their career in digital marketing; this is the finest curriculum for them.

Q11. Well! It was simply great talking to you however before we end the conversation, what would be your message to young fellows expecting to begin their career in digital marketing?

Ans. It’s never too late to start, keep believing in yourself and keep working hard. Good things will come your way.It was really great talking to you Shivam, we wish you luck for your future and much obliged to you for giving the valuable time.

Mr. Shivam completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in May 2016.

Source: http://dsim.in/blog/


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