Digital Marketing will be the backbone for every form of business


An Interview with Mr. Prithvi Raj Dev,Director Global Connect India, a PR consultancy & founder Karioke Night, a music company and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee. He shares his DSIM review with us and how he integrated the digital marketing Skills with his PR Skill set and expanded the horizons and was able to offer a wider and bigger bouquet of services.

Q1. How did you come about a PR Consultancy?

Ans. How did I? Actually I was not formally trained … I did not do any post graduate formal training in public relations. But I was always intrigue by that particular space and I was fortunate enough to start off from a venture which actually taught me a lot at the on-ground level. And then for one thing like the other then I started working on different verticals different clients, different industries be it lifestyle or corporate, political pr.
A few of my Colleagues were actually venturing out in to their own space and their own venture where they wanted to get into outdoor advertising and they said why don’ t we all join hands and may be we can look at outdoor advertising in creatives while you can look at PR for your clients.I said fine! Fair enough! And that’s how I ventured out.

Q2. Its not easy to run two businesses together. So how do you mange both the companies?

Ans. Well! I work for GCI during the day and Karioke after it. It just so happen that my karioke night’s brand also took out very well so then initially what started off as a hobby or as a passion moonlighting as the karioke jockey …it became a brand …I am encouraged to take it up as a brand level.

Q3. Tell us something about your journey to such a flourishing business as in what all challenges did you face up till now?

Ans. First challenge was the credibility factor that you know challenges an individual and challenges an enterprise are but once you have worked …It all about how you sustain yourself. Anyway, I was little fortunate I did not have to make cold calls for the first twelve months the first one year I did not have to make calls and get clients …I left my job…I started my consultancy when I already had clients in my kitty. The challenge was how I would service when they come…being a start up venture in terms of manpower resources and back up, backend technology and stuff…however I stayed committed to my job and finally get paid off. Besides, the word of mouth publicity helped my business to flourish a lot.

Q4. What made you undergo a digital marketing training?

Ans. Alright! See PR was getting to a time frame…working within a framework…the lot of framework was not able to explore …You know… Clients wanted social media because everything now is online. Now people read the news online! Ok! So! It’s the shift, it’s a shift that’s happening …even in PR the shift would have had to happen sooner than later…towards the online digital space that’s why I decided to get myself trained in this in this particular field.

Q5.How did this training at DSIM help you?

Ans. The digital marketing training did help me. I was able to fulfill the demands of my clients. I integrated my digital marketing skills with my current PR Skill set; I expanded the horizons and am able to offer a wider and bigger bouquet of services.

Q6. What do you think the scope of digital marketing is?

Ans. Immense and unparalleled … Because it is the sunrise it’s not even sunrise it was the sunrise a few years ago. Digital Marketing will be the backbone for every form of business .It will be the backbone for every form of communication every form of business strategy of any and every business enterprise. It will be better if I say sky is the limit.

Q7. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM?

Ans. Good …It was very good … I would say. It’s not that if you have missed the class you have missed it you can come back and re-attend the classes. There is a lot of flexibility. However one thing I need to say that it will be great if they could have probably an HR team or say a placement team as there are a lot of youngster who want to pick up jobs in affiliate marketing, SEO and so on. Unlike me as I just wanted to enhance my skill set. Besides, I would say DSIM is the best digital marketing institute.

Q8. Do you have any message for the masses especially the business owners?

Ans. I think everyone need to wake up and figure out that internet marketing and the digital space is the way forwards. And the level of literacy as far as digital marketing is concerned needs to go up. Life has become dependent and relied on technology and as well as internet marketing. Therefore if you want to build the digital space you have to create visibility for yourself in that particular domain. There is no other way out. Basic level of literacy as far as digital marketing is concerned has to be there. Everybody needs to be trained. The brick and water model of retail or the brick and water way of conducting business probably be restricted to certain sectors, certain zones, certain geographical areas.
Prithviraj Dev completed his Internet marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in April 2013.



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