10 ways to boost your Direct Marketing campaign

The backbone of direct marketing is how it is executed. The approach can be either B2B or B2C. It involves interactive communication between the end user and producer. It becomes the most targeted tactic as potential customers can be reached on the basis of geography and demographics.


The top 10 most effective strategies to apply in your direct marketing campaign are wrapped up here:

  1. Identify the right objective:

Before running a campaign, make sure that it leads to the prospect you want to achieve with it. Intend to set specific objectives with your way of marketing for your short and long term plans. It depends on the target market that which method you should apply to accomplish your goals.

  1. Get to know about your target market:

It is the most important element in the marketing strategy. A clear definition about the target market helps you reach potential customers. Set the target according to the different segments; demographic, behavioral, geographic and psychographic. This way you get to know which customer category can get attracted towards your products and services.

  1. Analyze and evaluate the response:

The percentage response doesn’t matter much, what does is whether you are able to generate better potential leads or not.  You need to constantly test the approach you are using to reach out to your audience. So, further you can evaluate your performance and make changes accordingly.

  1. Strong communication with customers:

Communications is one of the major components of direct marketing. With the help of communications, customer relations improve. Those who rely more on one-time sale don’t end up having them as permanent customers. To maintain a long term relationship with the clients serve them with the best. This helps the brand to use the existing audience for other campaigns too.

  1. Frequency of the direct marketing:

One should always set a limit to make sure that how many times a particular message is to be dropped. Frequency plays an important role as it helps you know in how many attempts you get a response from the customer. All we need to do is to contact them again with a hope that they might show interest in the goods, products or services provided by you. Determine an ideal frequency for campaign before running it. A consistent presence helps you in urging the clients to look forward to your offer.

  1. Proper execution of the plan:

Before running a campaign there are certain points you need to take care of. The proper execution of the plan is as important as the plan itself. The co-ordination and communication between all the activities is necessary to gain profit from it. A strategy without execution is a complete waste of time.

  1. Maximize response levels:

In order to generate more number of responses from your direct marketing draft a message giving a clear cut idea about your objective. Offer incentives like prizes or discounts this helps in increasing the rate of response. The higher is the response level, the more number of people you bring in. To maximize it use different and distinctive approaches.

  1. Manage the budget:

The necessity of financial control is very important to earn profit from direct marketing. This way of marketing is mostly expensive so you need to make sure that the cost spend per person is achieved. Always view your customers individually to maintain a long term relationship. The life time value of a customer can be maintained by using these tactics.

  1. Always apply a unique approach:

Every time you run a direct marketing campaign keep in mind that your approach must be different from the one you used last time to reach out audience.  Your unique and consistent efforts help you targeting the right customers. This makes you stand out from other marketers and more number of people get attracted towards your offer. You can also approach new customers this way.

  1. Satisfy your customer needs:

Your main aim should be satisfying the various needs of customers. Maintaining a long lasting relationship with clients helps you earn long term benefits from them. One should always cultivate the present customers, reactivate the past ones and look out for new ones.

Writer corner:

The post has been written by ‘Ariba Khan’, working as a content writer at ‘Delhi School of Internet Marketing’, a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers digital marketing course. She has a knack for writing and continues sharing her views on Digital Marketing topics. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.


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