“DSIM has uncovered the actual learning to me.” – Ridhima Sethi


An interesting  talk with Ridhima Sethi, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and now, working as a Social Media Analyst with Design Solutions. 

Our conversation with Ridhima, DSIM Ex-Trainee, where she discloses her DSIM Review and ideas for the future.

Q1. Hi Ridhima, we would request you to introduce yourself to our readers.

Ans. I am an Engineer (Electronics & Communication). After completing my degree, I joined digital marketing course at DSIM. And, post training got a good opportunity with ‘Design solutions’ as a ‘Social Media Analyst’.

Q2. Primarily an Engineer and then, a Digital Marketer. Can we know the reason initiating this blend?

Ans. I always had minimal interest towards IT sector. Digital Marketing is something which I always felt fascinated for. Seeing the present demand & opportunities, decided to go for it.

Q3. Why Digital Marketing training from DSIM?

Ans. When I was searching for a good Digital Marketing institute, I came to know about DSIM. I got really impressed with the certifications it offers and the course curriculum. It’s really detailed and apt for marketers who wish to step up their marketing knowledge.

Q4. Let us give a brief insight; how you got this job offer?

Ans. Initially, Design Solutions was looking for an SEO intern. The internship was for 3 months. I appeared for the interview and got selected. Later on finding me skilled enough for Social Media responsibilities, they offered me this opportunity.The biggest benefit of joining DSIM was that I gained knowledge of maximum modules of digital marketing.

Q5. Please share the experience you had with DSIM.

Ans. It was great. Today, I found myself as the learned person with knowledge and confidence. The training helped me to get familiar with practicality and in digital marketing it makes a great sense to have practical info.

Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. Definitely 8 out of 10! At DSIM, trainers remain available and keen to aid trainees with the best of career assistances.

Q7. It would be really great to know about your future plans, will you?

Ans. Yeah sure! I want to make it big in Digital World and somehow feel that with DSIM’s help (as the abilities & skills they have imparted into me); I will be able to do so.

Q8. Digital marketing has become a great industry today, what would be your views on this?

Ans. Digital marketing has great future in India as it is growing worthily. And, advantages & opportunities present in the sphere will inspire us to become more & more digital.

Q9. Your message to young fellows looking forward to make a career in this industry.

Ans. I would suggest them to go for professional training. This will help you understand the basics of the subject and so, you will get the needed conceptualized grasp.

Q10. In a few words, Digital Marketing Training at DSIM?

Ans. “DSIM has uncovered the actual learning to me.”
Ridhima Sethi completed her Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in October 2015.

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