The 2017 Updated LinkedIn Stats You Should Know

  1. LinkedIn currently has 467 million members in more than 200 countries.
  2. More than 1 million people use LinkedIn’s publishing platform, sharing over 130,000 posts each week.
  3. The use of LinkedIn company pages grew from 24% to 57% YOY.
  4. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.
  5. 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions.
  6. 71% of professionals feel that LinkedIn is a credible source for professional content.
  7. LinkedIn owns 4% of total global social sharing.
  8. The average CTR for ads on LinkedIn is 0.025 %.
  9. LinkedIn posts with images receive 200% more engagement than text-only posts.
  10. 98% of LinkedIn posts with images earn more comments than text-only posts.
  11. The typical LinkedIn user only uses the network for an average of 17 minutes per month.
  12. 18% of LinkedIn users only log in once a day.
  13. LinkedIn is making money through advertising.
  14. Monthly premium accounts make up 39% of total LinkedIn users.
  15. 94% B2B organizations rely on LinkedIn for content marketing and distribution.
  16. 79% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads.
  17. 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms.
  18. Half of all users are likely to buy from a company they engage with on the platform.
  19. LinkedIn is probably the best starting point to find your ideal B2B customers.
  20. 80% of B2B marketers want to increase their LinkedIn use.
  21. In total, there have been 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn.
  22. 44% of Linked users earn more than $75,000 in a year.
  23. LinkedIn generates $371,474 per employee.

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Source: The 2017 Updated LinkedIn Stats You Should Know


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