[Case Study]- 7 Brands Increasing Conversion with Google Analytics


Google analytics is a platform that allows you to collect your data about the visitors to your website. You can view the volume of website traffic, analyze information, and track where your visitors are coming from, whether they are converted or not.

It doesn’t just deliver you with website insights; it does actually contribute towards the profitable success of your business.

Let’s take a look at this study to know how Google Analytics can support your business as it did for the brands mentioned below:

Benefits of Google Analytics

With the use of Google Analytics, you can discover remarkable information about your website that can be used to improve your marketing and business growth strategies. Here are 4 major business benefits of Google Analytics-

  • Marketing campaign optimization
  • Website usability development
  • Target customers identification
  • Budget distribution

Success Stories of Companies

How well does Google Analytics work?

Let’s take a look at these companies that have used marketing intelligence to make data-driven decisions for better customer experiences.

#1 Airbnb

Company profile

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations around the world.

Airbnb’s aim

To connect people to exclusive travel experiences in more than 33,000 cities and 192 countries around the world


  • To prevent hold-ups between operations and marketing teams
  • To implement tags
  • To avoid excessive replication in tagging
  • To minimize size of extracts to enhance performance


  • Implemented Google Tag Manager (a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags-comprising conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing.)
  • Made a data layer


  • Cut tag distribution from days to hours
  • Increased site speed by 8%
  • Faster launches of new programs, tools, and retailers
  • More precise data, improved optimizations, better ROI

“With Google Tag Manager, it’s a matter of an hour or so, from receiving a tag to testing to QA to deployment. It’s exponentially better.” — Mona Gandhi, Software Engineer, Airbnb

#2 Marketo

Company Profile

Marketo is a powerful marketing automation software helping marketers master the art & science of digital marketing. It helps as a strategic marketing partner to more than 3,750 B2B & B2C companies.


  • To improve customer engagement and generate more conversions
  • To unite data achieved from Marketo’s Real-Time Personalization product to an online remarketing campaign


  • Passed data from Marketo’s RealTime Personalization to Google Analytics in the form of events
  • Used Google Analytics as a single source to view Marketo’s customer data and Analytics visitor information
  • Defined remarketing audiences in Google Analytics and served personalized ads through AdWords


  • 10X higher conversion rate against traditional display marketing
  • 117% YOY increase in qualified leads
  • 200% more conversions for B2C and 150% more for B2B users by personalized ads

“By integrating Marketo Real-Time Personalization with Google Analytics, we now can run highly effective and more relevant ad campaigns on third-party websites using the same audience segments that proved to work on our own website. We saw a 117% increase in qualified leads and over 130% increase in multi-touch opportunities as a result.” – Heidi Bullock, VP of demand generation at Marketo.

#3 PBS

Company Profile

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a private, nonprofit organization through which noncommercial, educational licensee members operate 353 PBS member stations.

When the PBS looked-for better web analytics tools, they turned to Google Analytics and certified partner LunaMetrics.

About LunaMetrics

LunaMetrics is a Google Certified Partner and a digital analytics/ search marketing consultancy dedicated to bringing the digital experience to your brand.


  • To extend understanding of audience sections
  • To install tools to mine web data for insights
  • To adjust site to meet segment needs


  • Exported Google Analytics 360 data into BigQuery
  • Used the Google Cloud Platform to interchange and analyze data sets
  • Extracted data from 330 million sessions and 17.5 million episodes watched


  • Identified seven key audience segments based on web performances
  • Developed in-depth personas per segment
  • Informed content and feature improvement

“This is the first time we’ve been able to use data mining across the totality of our web data to see what it can tell us about our audiences.” – Amy Sample, PBS Senior Director, Strategic Insights

“That was the coolest thing about it: A machine took our data without prior assumptions and reaffirmed and strengthened ideas that subject matter experts already suspected about our audiences based on our contextual knowledge.” – Dan Haggerty, PBS Director, Digital Analytics

#4 GoPro

Company Profile

GoPro makes astonishingly popular wearable and gear-mountable cameras and digital devices. It helps people capture and share their most unforgettable moments of their lives,


  • To organize and manage digital marketing and measurement tags
  • To use tag additions or changes quickly and with minimal IT problem
  • To optimize site speed with reduced tag overhead


  • Use Google Tag Manager 360 (Measure, see, and improve the impact of your marketing across every channel and moment in today’s users’ journey) across multiple technology platforms and web properties
  • Implement complete data layer and advanced tracking automation scripts
  • Allow access for marketing team and agency partners


  • Streamlined tag utilization
  • Reduced lead time requirements for new campaign introductions
  • Supported whole management of all tags across GoPro digital platforms
  • Reduced burden and cost for IT resources

“Google Tag Manager 360 centralizes our tags into a single location that gives our marketing and analytics teams the flexibility to make tagging updates within minutes without burdening IT.” – Lee Topar, Director of Online Marketing, GoPro

#5 Domino’s

Company Profile

Domino’s is a leading pizza delivery brand in countries around the world. Today, Domino’s is the most popular pizza delivery chain operating in the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland and sales just keep on growing.



  • Implement Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360, and Google BigQuery
  • Add digital data sources and CRM data


  • Realized an immediate 6% increase in monthly revenue
  • Saved 80% YOY in ad allocation and operations costs
  • Increased quickness with streamlined tag management
  • Achieved easy access to powerful reporting and customized dashboards

“Google Analytics 360 combined with Google Tag Manager 360 and BigQuery has become an integral solution that gives us the technical agility and the analytics power we need to advance our marketing strategies. DBi has been fundamental in developing our digital strategy with Google Analytics 360.”- Nick Dutch Head of Digital, Domino’s

#6 1stdibs

Company Profile

1stdibs.com is a global destination for availing the best in furniture, fine art, vintage fashion, and jewelry. The company starts out to modernize a classic old-world industry by connecting the world’s finest suppliers with perceptive buyers online.


  • To grow faster by tying business objectives to clear key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • To collect data required to understand customers and reach objectives
  • To gain a complete view of the customer experience across digital experiences and devices


  • Implemented Google Analytics 360 with measurement protocol to capture earlier un-seized data


  • 47% lift in paid media performance and 10% more return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • 34% increase in email click-through rates
  • 24% increase in conversion quarter over quarter

“With Analytics 360, the company used Universal Analytics and took advantage of custom dimensions. We were finally able to define different visitor and customer groups by new attributes and compare them against each other. This lets us understand and fix the problems different groups are having or see which types of visitors are most valuable to our ecosystem.” – Jung Lee, head of analytics for 1stdibs

#7 Agilent Technologies

Company Profile

Agilent offers complete scientific solutions. It provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications, and expertise.


  • To expand analytics experiences
  • To make it easy to share data-driven insights within
  • To help teams get more value from analytics tools

With these goals in mind, Agilent reached out to E-Nor for better analytics and measurement strategy.

About E-Nor

  • E-Nor is a global digital analytics and marketing optimization consulting firm dedicated to empowering organizations to become more data-driven.


  • Explain business requirements
  • Develop and implement migration plan
  • Offer training and support


  • Executed Google Analytics 360
  • 400% growth in use of data-driven insights
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

“Google Analytics 360 has enabled an analytics culture where all digital teams have access to data in real time, and insights can quickly become business action.”- Karen Brondum, Leader of the Digital Analytics COE, Agilent


All these examples show you how well Google analytics is working. Once you recognize any problems in your site, you can create a solution.

Google Analytics allows you to track many important metrics or the statistics needed to improve your website and make it the best it can be.

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Source:  [Case Study]- 7 Brands Increasing Conversion with Google Analytics

8 Testimonial Page Examples to Copy for Your Website

dsim image

From selecting a restaurant to shopping for luxury stuff, people need to know that they are on right track before they shop. When looking for the answer to that question, customers almost always want to know from other customers.

The best way to influence your prospective customers is with customer testimonials. By showcasing your existing customers, you can encourage potential customers to buy your products.

In this article, we’ll discuss 8 examples of customer testimonials that will inspire you and show the power of customer testimonial.

#1 ChowNow

ChowNow’s customer testimonial page is a simple design. The best thing about their testimonial collection is production-quality “client stories” videos. The videos feature some great shots of the clients, their offices, and their food. This style is clean and straightforward.

#2 Marie Forleo’s B-School

A new web design that has the quote with a picture of the person to gain even more trust!

The bright, smiling photos that Marie Forleo’s B-School testimonial page has, gives different impression that the customers are happy, successful, and friendly. People just like her target clients, who are successful, hope to achieve it too from getting enrolled into its program.

#3 Grammarly

The testimonial page of Grammarly contains a huge collection of videos, quotes by the users. All the testimonials present here comprise client names, along with their picture & places. In some reviews, you can see their more details like designation and site name.

#4 FreeAgent

FreeAgent’s case studies page includes a brief testimonial and several other social media testimonials. Its page is composed of short quotes and clean layout that possibly urge the visitors to read.

The USP of the page is its highlighted text quotations along with pictures, and names. But what is most interesting about it is their “Twitter love” banner on the right-hand side of the page.

Branding testimonials with photographs is a great way to let your audience know that your testimonials are trustworthy.

#5 99designs

99designs testimonial page consists of all the major features you’d need in a testimonial page: a noticeable video at the top, customer quotes along with pictures and names, and five-star rating to show how good 99designs’ service and product is compared to others.

 #6 Codecademy

Codecademy has “Codecademy Stories” as their testimonial page. They’ve incorporated their customer quotes along with pictures, names, and locations above a link to the testimonial page.

It’s page shows that you can learn to code from any place: “Learner stories from around the world.”

When you click into any story, you can read the whole success story in a Q&A format.

Codecademy nailed down its testimonial page with a clear and well-design approach.

#7 Xero

Xero’s website includes customer’s quotes alongside photos, videos, their names, company, for different industry type. To avoid visitors from clicking on the main testimonials page, the videos pop up on the current page when you click them.

#8 Shopify

Shopify success stories page is different from other testimonial pages. It has one astounding new idea: There’s a noticeable call to action (CTA) that asks Shopify users to share their own stories!

Key Takeaways

  • Use the highest-quality photos and video
  • Display a real customer face of your customer and make them look good
  • Don’t only use quotes; show some examples of your product in action
  • Ask your customers to share real numbers and the ways you helped their business
  • Give the ability to filter testimonials or case studies or success stories by industry, and location so visitors can find the stories that are most connected
  • Try social media post as a testimonial like tweets or Facebook testimonials
  • Make it easy for users to submit a testimonial
  • Use testimonials to drive conversions on your homepage
  • Don’t forget to promote it


Testimonials can be a great way to display your expertise in your field. They are important for generating sales, so don’t delay. Choose testimonial page from above designs and implement it on your website today!

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 8 Testimonial Page Examples to Copy for Your Website

8 Smart Tools To Help You Monitor Backlinks

dsim image

No one can absolutely deny the power of quality and natural backlinks.

The methodology is a key to effective online business; checking backlinks of your site and competitors’ sites as well.

There are several finest tools like SEMrush and Majestic for pros, yet for beginners we have offered a list of chosen link analysis tools that have all what you need and are easy on the pocket too.

So, try these smart & awesome tools to monitor backlinks of your website:

 1) MoonSearch

MoonSearch is a backlink monitoring tool that provides a complex link analysis and checks how many backlinks are indexed. It helps track information about Alexa rank, PageRank, and reputation based on Yahoo, Dmoz and Moonsearch catalogues.



 2) SE Ranking

SE Ranking backlink analysis tool helps you take care of all your major off-site optimization factors at one place. It lets you to check incoming links to your website based on Google Webmaster Tools data and also performs website audit, rank tracking, keyword research, and competitor rank tracking.

Features to explore:

  • Import backlinks manually
  • Filter backlinks easily
  • Generate a ready to go disavow file
  • Manage your link popularity building campaign
  • Track your links expenditures
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Marketing plan
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Social Media tool
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • White label


14 day free Trial/Paid

 3) OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfiler.org is a free link research tool that enables you to check the backlinks of any website. Enter a domain name in the search box above and click the ‘Get backlinks data’ button to get an immediate link analysis.



4) Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is an easy & simple tool to track a website’s backlink portfolio. It’s free, and returns up to 1000 links without the option to export reports. Also, the tool holds the possibility to use Ahrefs’API.



5) SEO Spyglass

SEO SpyGlass tools detect everything you want to know about your competitors’ backlinks. The tools investigate complex data and linking patterns in just seconds. Tools are simple to use and the data produced is easy to understand.


  • Find a website’s backlinks
  • Discover the keyword anchor text in backlinks
  • Instantly see the pagerank of every link
  • Identify Traffic Sent from Each Backlink\
  • Uncover the Server IP Address
  • Look at the Page Title of Every Backlink
  • Sort Links from Blogs and Forums
  • Locate Links from Major Directories
  • Calculate a Backlink’s Value
  • Uncover the Domain Age of Backlinks
  • Update the Backlink Information
  • Read Your Custom SEO Report
  • Create a Personalized SEO Report
  • Choose SEO Reports
  • Save, Email or Upload Reports to the Web
  • Check Data from 436 Search Engines
  • Trust the Retrieval of Data
  • Customize the Workspace Dashboard
  • Search the Data
  • Keep your Proxy Server
  • Run the Software on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Speak Many Languages

 6) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools to monitor website backlinks. Put any website or URL into Site Explorer tool and you’ll see all its backlinks along with some useful SEO metrics. Advanced reports and handy filters will let you dig real deep into the data that we have for you.


14-day free trial/Paid

 7) RankSignals

RankSignals is a tool that gives you insights into competitor’s backlinks and traffic sources and so, you can build your link building strategy successfully. You can get to know about your dofollow and nofollow links and a number of unique domains leading to your site.

It shows PR of the site and the link anchor text, along with PageRank, Alexa Rank, social metrics (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).Using this tool you can find out all bad, spammy links and have the option to disavow them.

More features to explore:

  • Find and identify your competitors’ best links
  • Identify your bad links
  • Find deleted & broken links
  • Link signals & metrics
  • Nofollow & dofollow links
  • Social metrics



 8) Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a great web-based app that gives us a simple way to monitor that our links are not down, nofollow, etc.


  • Domain monitoring
  • Competition monitoring
  • Keywords monitoring
  • Everything is fully automated
  • Overview of your domain in seconds
  • Backlinks SEO metrics
  • Keyword rankings
  • E-mail & PDF reports
  • Anchor text reports
  • Disavow low-quality links


30-Day Free Trial

About DSIM:

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Source: 8 Smart Tools To Help You Monitor Backlinks


14 Experiential Marketing Stats to Change Your Life Forever



  1. 77% of marketers use Experiential Marketing as a vital part of a brand’s advertising strategies.
  2. 67% of marketers think Experiential Marketing is an effective strategy.
  3. 58% of the events created had to do with influencer-related experiences.
  4. 74% of consumers have a better opinion about a brand after an in-person event.
  5. 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event.
  6. 65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales.
  7. 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending activation.
  8. A stunning 11% of brands don’t seem to use social media to complement their in-person efforts.
  9. 65% of the consumers surveyed said live events helped them have a better understanding of a product or service.
  10. 71% of consumers share information about their (activation) experience with their peers and family members.
  11. 62% of brands define a budget for social media efforts to support their events
  12. 33% of consumers from the above survey said they would take photos or videos during an event.
  13. 86% of event marketers claimed attendee satisfaction was their gauge of event success.
  14. Event technology can help increase event attendance by 20%. Increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by 20–30%.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 14 Experiential Marketing Stats to Change Your Life Forever

4 Reasons Why You Should Care For Brand Advocates

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Who are Brand Advocates?

“Your highly satisfied customers who support your product/service/brand and promote them to their friends and entire social network.”

Studies say that a brand advocate is 50% more influential than an average customer and so, an asset to connect, engage and build relationships with your future prospects, leads and clients.

They fit in perfectly into any marketing strategy and shape the reason for companies’ promotions and advertising efforts.

Looking at their significance and information offered by Google’s Consumer Barometer Tool, we’ll talk about 4 reasons why you should prefer Brand Advocates in your marketing:

#1 They are persuasive

dsim image

Brand advocates hold presence and high standing in social networks and the power helps them to have an incredible influence on brand’s success.

It has been found that almost 1 in 3 Internet users’ worldwide claims to be a Brand Advocate and the info makes it even clearer that how much significance and relevance they have.

“Each and every day, 50% of Brand Advocates comment or like posts and blog contributions and 40% share content or links with others. These numbers show how communicative they are and what makes them interesting, relevant partners for brands.”

#2 They influence purchase decisions

dsim image

 Brand Advocates play an imperative part amid the purchase process. These people when conversing with others about their chosen services/products/brands; are seen as trendsetters and their opinions carry weight.

“Almost 50% of them spent at least a few days researching their last purchase; nearly 3 in 4 spent at least a few hours. And they’re open to many brands: 70% consider at least 2 brands.”

So, they impact buyers’ purchasing decisions a lot.

#3 They are informers to potential purchases

dsim image

Brand Advocates keep on sharing experiences and insights about brands. This open and informative nature and readiness to share experiences, either positive or negative, help them to put on the attention of users.

A few stats to get on the facts:
  • 2 out of 3 Brand Advocates seek information online about products/services they use
  • In addition to search engines, brand websites are used by 31% of Brand Advocates as a product research tool
  • 14% of Brand Advocates turn to social networks or YouTube for product information

There is additional info available too, yet it’s very much clear that the brand advocates keep track of trends at a far higher rate than others and believe in sharing experiences and opinions around.

#4 They are post-purchase reviewers

dsim image

 Brand Advocates are known for their exceedingly communicative nature and it continues after purchase as well.

Take a look:
  • 19% of Brand Advocates share their experiences online in their networks.
  • 14% post a review online compared to just 8% among non-Brand Advocates.
  • They are important disseminators of information for individuals.

So, why do we need to care about Brand Advocates? Because people listen and believe & accept to them.

Internet gives them a voice and helps them to be seen and noticed.

They know how to use the internet to get and multiply information and thereby, brands can prefer to gain insights into this new channel for sharing their messages.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 4 Reasons Why You Should Care For Brand Advocates

[Infographic]- Stages in Your Sales Funnel


The sales funnel is a valuable tool for turning prospects into faithful customers. It should always be present in any business process, as it acts as a leader in finding the conversion process in a very organized and practical manner.

Additional, it boosts a business’ marketing performance, as its marketing team becomes experienced on the different steps essential in refining a potential customer’s experience.

An Infographic covering the different stages of a customer lifecycle and how you, as a marketer, can better engage with them.


About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: [Infographic]- Stages of Your Sales Funnel

17 Lead Nurturing Stats No One Can Afford To Miss


  1. 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy.
  2. 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales.
  3. 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.
  4. Lead nurturing emails to get 4-10x the response rate compared to standalone email blasts.
  5. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.
  6. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.
  7. 74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority
  8. 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales; however, only 27% of those leads will be qualified.
  9. Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  10. 51% of email marketers say email list segmentation is the most effective way to personalize lead nurturing.
  11. 34.1% of businesses don’t use any attribution model to measure marketing performance.
  12. 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to Sales; however, only 27% of those leads will be qualified.
  13. Businesses that nurture their leads experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI.
  14. Nurtured leads experience a 23% shorter sales cycle.
  15. 48% of businesses say most of their leads require “long cycle” nurturing with many influencers.
  16. 74% of top-performing companies use automated lead nurturing.
  17. 96% of B2B marketers say segmentation is the most valuable method for improving conversion rates.


About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 17 Lead Nurturing Stats No One Can Afford To Miss