[INFOGRAPHIC]- Twitter Marketing for Businesses: Tips & Tricks


Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for most businesses. This social network can be used to reach out to your customer base and build brand equity.

It can spread awareness of your brand, generate leads, drive traffic to your site, build a loyal customer base and much more.

In this Infographic, you’ll learn how you can leverage the popular social media network to drive more traffic to your business or website.


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5 Tips To Primarily Improve Your Social Media Design


There is a lot of content published in a matter of moments on several social media platforms.

And, it’s nothing unexpected that capturing your target audience’s attention could be so difficult. This informational marketplace is actually crowded and to survive euphorically, you have to emerge.

And, visual content is one such surefire approach to reach out and seize people’s attention.

Victorious brands are regularly successful because they comprehend the significance of visual to their social media design and so, we’ll discuss about noticeable imagery that plays an essential role in improving your reach to your target audience.

Here are 5 awesome social media design hacks to help improve your post’s engagement drastically:

1) Picking up a distinctive color combination

“90% of snap judgments made about products are based on color alone.”

Color is a significant part of brand identification and plays an integral role in setting the visual tone of the content. It works to set the mood, form an atmosphere, express emotions and also stir up powerful individual experiences.

Trust the fact; the better the color combination is and the more emotions it expresses, the better the chances of social media images creating a perpetual impression on their audience.

Every color drives a different emotion and so, you should use it in view of that.

Simple Takeaways:

  • Color: Used to convey emotion
  • Supports a certain personality
  • Sets the mood & atmosphere

2) Showing off key information

Do you have some data, information or figures you need to post about? Or, possibly you have an energizing deal or event happening now? Use all-around planned visuals to catch your audience’s attention.

Essentially posting data and not outwardly advancing it won’t go anyplace.

There are a lot of ways, you can go for.

Well, there are a lot of ways we can go about this. Get the high ground on your typographical hierarchy and form imagery that supplements what it is you’re talking about.

You need to get however much consideration and clicks as could be expected. And you can do this with an image that highlights the right snippets of information, and reflects your message insightfully.

3) Keeping it simple

“Keep it simple” is a pretty widespread piece of design advice across the board. So, if you really wish to create some truly engaging content; make it quick & easy to consume. It proves effective in consumers’ engagement.

Majority of individuals prefer to receive information in a short and sweet manner without any sorts of complexities involved.

Check out the example below as Nike presenting simple images with least type to form supercharged pieces of motivation.

The best thing is that simple design makes content way quicker for you to create, and by breaking down information into separate posts, gives you plenty of content to post.

4) Conquering your typographical style

You want to bring your social media image to life, selecting the perfect font can work seamlessly. It also causes a big impact in terms of how the design is perceived by individuals and, eventually, the message your brand sends across.

Though, when selecting which font or fonts to use in your design, consider the readability aspect.

Listed below are a few pro-tips for using fonts:

  • Limit to 3 typefaces
  • Traditionally, serif fonts are best for print and sans-serif for web
  • Use Kerning for impressive titles

And for those that are curious about other typography terminology, this nifty infographic will help!

In case you want to have other details, see the infographic below:

5) Including strong calls to action

Talking of an effective call-to-action, it needs to entice your audience to make a move to purchase/consume your product.

However, a good call to action isn’t just about the words used; most importantly you are supposed to complement that call with an appropriate and effective visual.

A call to action should be engaging. It should make you think about yourself, the brand and the product; you can achieve this through visuals and written copy. Find an emotional angle and use it to call your audience to action.

This example from 1-800-Flowers has a simple image; some handwritten types giving this call to action a personal touch. A super-engaging and effective image that can appeal to just about everybody!

It should be realistic too and, a good call to action should be unique. Make it unique, maybe a little funny, thought-provoking and creative.

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About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

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9 Analytics Tools You Need To Track Your Visitors


The purpose of Web Analytics is to understand and optimize Web usage. Web Analytics is used to measure the traffic of your website. It can be used as a tool to access and improve the effectiveness of a website. It can also provide the information about the number of visitors and page views.

To help you obtain important insights, here are 9 website analytics tools to consider using to optimize your success online.

#1 Clicky

Clicky is web an analytics tool which helps you to get real-time analysis including spy view. The main dashboard comprises a variety of website stats that can be customized based on date.

It offers a link report that shows all external websites sending traffic to you. It is simple to use and gives all the information about your website. You can also check your information from anywhere by using Clicky’s mobile version.


Free/ Subscription

#2 KISSmetrics

Kissmetrics as a tool tracks the movement of the visitors on the website. It helps you to track the visitors to optimize your business mechanism. It also helps you in customer acquisition as well as customer retention by giving you information on user engagement.

In KISSmetrics, you will get to know about everything that a person has done, from the first point to the last.



#3 Mint

Mint is a self-hosted and easy-to-install web analytics tool. It shows the real-time statistics and can track website visitor’s information. It is equivalent to Google Analytics in terms of the kinds of data it collects. It tracks all basic information like referrals, searches, popular pages and traffic trends.



#4 Woopra

Woopra is a real-time website analysis tool that targets customer engagement. It provides top-notch analytics that lets you to effortlessly monitor more than one website at the same time.

It offers you a unique skill to open up a chat window with visitors of your choice as they browse your site. WordPress users can install a plugin that allows them see this data in the dashboard of their blog.


Free/ Subscription

How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist – Learn from experts. Join Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

#5 eTracker

eTracker is an analytics tool that gives you real-time data and sets qualitative and quantitative analysis so you can have all the information you need to value your site’s traffic.



#6 Histats

Histats is a free web statistics tool and stat counter to help you track your website visitors down to which pages they are staying and where they are coming from. It also provides logs that webmasters can use to match campaign stats.



#7 AWStats

AWStats is measured to be a remarkable web analysis tools on the Web that will analyze log files coming from services such as HTTP, FTP servers and streaming media. It defines a visitor on the basis of the user agent and IP address. It is a perfect tool for monitoring whether someone is hotlinking files from your site.

Their main interface comprises of a single page that is divided into different sections, each providing a summary of statistical data. These include daily visits, list of referrers, search terms etc.



#8 StatCounter

StatCounter is a trustworthy and powerful web tracker that is customizable based on your data necessities. It is different from other applications that offer server side statistics in that it involves you to add a special code right into your website to collect info about your visitors.


Free / Subscription

#9 Inspectlet

Inspectlet is an analytics tools more focused on Usability testing. It has four important features, which are: eye tracking heatmaps, screen capture, customizable metrics, and real time analytics. It goes beyond just providing the basic visitor metrics.


Free/ Subscription


Above mentioned tool is a list of Google Analytics alternatives that you can use to check your website’s stats. Understanding your customers and the way in which they interact with your brand in the digital world holds the key to future success and growth.

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9 Ad Platforms you need to try now (are not Google AdWords)


It is obvious to find AdWords at the forefront of every PPC plan, but there are other alternatives as well you should look for getting results.

The post here shows a short overview of other networks that can be added to your PPC mix to drive qualified traffic and results. We have chosen 9….

1) Amazon

When looking to grow through sponsored products as an ecommerce merchant, Amazon is a great opportunity. When selling your products on the platform, you can pay for sponsored shopping ads and it will direct users to your products on Amazon.

With Amazon Advertising, you can:

  • Target ads by shopper search keywords or products
  • Build ads quickly and easily—no design or technical expertise needed
  • Pay only when shoppers click your ad
  • Optimize performance with detailed sales reports

How it works?

  • Register and start creating an ad campaign
  • Select the products you want to advertise
  • Set your targeting, bid, campaign budget, and duration
  • Submit your campaign

2) AdRoll

AdRoll is one of the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platforms of choice for over 35,000 advertisers worldwide. It offers other products outside of just retargeting that include prospecting (programmatic display), email retargeting, and a new product called “AdRoll Onsite,” which nudges visitors down the funnel through personalized pop-ups.

Benefits & Features

  • Open Access to over 500 ad exchanges, including native inventory like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
  • Conveniently place ads, monitor performance, and fine-tune your campaigns with an easy-to-use platform.
  • Performance Engineering

3) Quantcast

Quantcast specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising and using its data set and audience insights, molds a new, untapped display audience for marketers. It drives visits and revenue to the site.

Quantcast Measure: a free data and audience insights tool to help advertisers build their strategy, learn about their audience behaviors and personas, and learn about competitor audiences.

Quantcast Advertise: The only advertising product suite powered by massive dataset of unique real-time customer browsing behaviors.

Quantcast Audience Grid: It works as an open data platform for digital advertising.

It offers paid advertising, programmatic, real-time, display advertising, focusing on new acquisition and audience views.

4) Bing Ads

This powerful advertising network has powerful benefits and you can reach an audience that spends 25 percent more than the average searcher. It brings tools to help manage your campaigns and meet your advertising goals. Whether that is working with a fixed budget or trying to hit a cost per acquisition or action, Bing Ads gives you the control to make that happen.

Benefits & Features

  • Sign up for free and start advertising with any budget
  • Only pay for clicks
  • Measure performance
  • Budget By Day Or Month

5) Yahoo! Gemini

With Yahoo Gemini search and native advertising solutions, you can target, reach, and engage your audience to drive measurable actions and conversations. You can quickly have your campaigns up and running, and the management tools let you easily tweak daily budgets and keep the campaigns on pace to hit monthly targets. To generate revenue with native ads!

Benefits & Features

  • Superior targeting
  • Engaging ad formats
  • Expansive reach
  • Measurable results

6) BuySellAds

BuySellAds is one of the largest networks advertisers can use to effectively disseminate their banner ads around the web. The platform segregates itself as Publishers and Advertisers and is a convenient marketplace with transparent processes, which provides a good choice of high-quality sites, especially in internet and tech niches.

How to get started?

Browse the marketplace

Simply browse around the Marketplace, or use the search bar to refine your search criteria. You can also browse by category to narrow down your search.

Add to cart

Once you’ve decided on a property, simply select the ad zone you’d like to book and add it to your cart. You can of course add as many ad zones as you need.

Setup your ads

You will then be able to upload your ad creative(s); setup advanced targeting, and even schedules your ads to run on specific dates.

Going live

Once the publisher has approved your ad(s), they will go live right away. Then watch the traffic roll in.

7) Infolinks

Infolinks is a marketplace that is based on user intent and real-time engagement to show ads to users. Its powerful technology provides effective advertising solutions in real-time. There are now 6 types of ad units to choose from.

Various Products:

  • Inarticle: User-initiated expanding ad
  • Infold: Search & display, above the fold
  • Inscreen: User intent meets display ads
  • Inframe: Display ads with an edge
  • Intext: Native and highly effective
  • Intag: Advertising outside the box

Benefits & Features

  • Choose from a large variety of ad units
  • Select advanced targeting options
  • Track & optimize results
  • Advertise on multiple platforms
  • Has the combination of search & display
  • Reach users when they’re most engaged
  • Gain access to our wide-scale network
  • Get your ads seen by the right users

8) Facebook

 Facebook appears as a great opportunity to build engagement and sales. It has 3 main campaign types, through which you can interact with your desired audience to build awareness, conversions, or funnel-driven results through remarketing.

Facebook continues to add new ad types and integrations like its newest shopping ads and continued emphasis on video and mobile.

9) LinkedIn

LinkedIn, world’s largest professional network helps businesses reach their ideal customers. When you use the platform, whether your goal is leads, brand awareness, or even event registrations, LinkedIn ads help.

Benefits & Features

  • Target a unique audience
  • Create easy and effective ads
  • Control your budget and costs
  • Promote your company updates to targeted audiences
  • Deliver personalized ads to the LinkedIn inbox
  • Start generating leads in minutes


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Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

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[Infographic]- 7 Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty Using Social Media


Social media is quickly changing the way organizations connect with customers. Staying competitive in today’s fast-moving businesses needs a strong social media strategy.

It is more powerful and can be used in a variety of ways, including building customer loyalty.

One of the great benefits of social media is that it offers you with the opportunity to interact more often and in a more meaningful way with your customers.

It’s always appealing to chase bigger accounts and follow new consumers, but building customer loyalty is a great way to keep your company prospering for years to come.

In this Infographic, you can take notes on these 7 simple tips to build customer loyalty.


About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

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21 Stats That Prove You Need To Do Marketing on Twitter




  1. Twitter has 317 million monthly active users.
  2. 77% of top 100 companies are on Twitter.
  3. 70% of small businesses are on Twitter.
  4. 33% of Twitter users follow a brand.
  5. 42% of consumers learn about new products and services via Twitter.
  6. Engagement is 200% higher for tweets that include image links.
  7. Engagement is 17% higher for tweets that contain less than 100 characters.
  8. The retweet rate is 86% for tweets that contain links.
  9. 92% of engagement with brand’s tweets comes in the form of link clicks.
  10. Tweets that ask followers to retweet have a 12x higher retweet rate than those who don’t.
  11. 50% of shoppers have made purchases based on recommendations found through a social network.
  12. 79% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow.
  13. 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow.
  14. 85% of followers feel more connected with a small business after following them.
  15. 63% of people follow Small Business to show their support for them.
  16. 58% of top brands have over 100, 00 followers on Twitter.
  17. The average Twitter user follows five businesses.
  18. Companies using Twitter for customer service see a 19% lift in customer satisfaction.
  19. 76% of consumers are likely to recommend the brand following friendly service.
  20. 69% purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on Twitter.
  21. 94% plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow.


About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

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11 Social Media Posts You Would Never Want To Miss

May was somewhat a month that saw a lot from our most loved social media dashboards as DSIM’s blog featured some incredible content on how to take your social media strategy to the next level.

In all your social media endeavors, you are battling everyone else for space. And, so, here we have incorporated a roundup of the top 11 social media titbits to aid you keep your finger on the pulse.

1) 10 Surprisingly Useful LinkedIn Tools To Increase Sales

In this post, we have examined 10 of the best LinkedIn tools to enable you undertake solid strategy and produce big time sales results.

Here we have touched the finer details of every tool including how to use those, features and pricing. Further, you will get to know that each one could fit nicely with your present and future LinkedIn sales strategies.

Therefore, posts to make you better understand how to use LinkedIn to increase sales and social selling, alongside building trust in your marketing plan. Let’s explore these tools to nail as sales pro.

2) 5 Simple Ways to Make Engaging Twitter Video Content

Every day individuals watch hours on YouTube, Facebook has 8 billion daily video views and Snapchat users watch 6 billion videos daily. So, we wanted to talk about Twitter Video.

When you include video, it spices up things and makes the customer experience more particular helping you emerge.

Let’s start with basics and learn all like how to get most out of your Twitter Video Marketing. 5 basic yet most effective ways to make you learn how to create engaging Twitter Video Content!

3) 21 Mistakes Haunting Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

When making your first Facebook marketing campaign, you should avoid making the rookie mistakes. The good thing about Facebook marketing is that it doesn’t end with a wrong move.

It ends up costing you more, but you’ll generally have a way to fix your poorly performing campaign. The article here handles 21 serious mistakes haunting even the best of the Facebook ad campaigns.

4) 5 Quick Hacks To Improve Your Organic Social Media Reach

Extending ties between organic searches, social and content-related traffic drivers make it ever more important to synchronize efforts among channels. Basically, you’re not prone to maintain good social traffic without some good search and content practices, and the other way around.

Here, in this article we have gathered insights of search and content efforts that will strengthen your organic reach on social.

5) 7 know it all Tips to make A Perfect Twitter Header

Your Twitter header photo displays your personality to the Internet World. A cool and custom header is important for showcasing your brand or identity and with thoughtfulness and good design; you stand out surrounded by millions of active social media users.

Use our incredibly awesome 7 tips to design a great Twitter header that reaches the top and makes your profile stand out among the most. Create awesome Twitter headers without graphic design experience!

6) 8 Best Practices For Your Facebook Ads Research

Facebook ads have made considerable progress in a few short years. Yet, you need to lay the groundwork with ad research to become the best. Check out our favorite Facebook ads research post to find out all the latest & best practices before your competition.

You will end up learning why do you need Facebook Ads Research; what to seek in the process and ultimately the best practices. Here are 8 best practices marketers can use to generate higher performance from their Facebook ads.

7) 20 Facebook Ad Examples To Make you a Campaign Pro

You for eternity learn by seeing the examples. So, find out here 20 Facebook Ad examples and get to know the mentioned takeaways. In the process you’ll be equipped with the first-rate Facebook ad tips & hacks, to help you create your own Facebook campaign successfully.

Simply, we have written about secrets that Facebook campaign professionals use to create amazing, compelling, highly-clickable designs. Be ready for Facebook bringing home majority of users’ attention.

8) 9 Little-known Instagram Hacks You Need To Try Now

Do you know the average Instagram engagement rate for brands is 58 times higher than on Facebook? Yes, it’s true; Instagram is a power player in the world of social and so, you need to get your business a bigger piece of the action, and make the most of your efforts, with these little-known features, tricks, and straight-up Instagram hacks.

Read on the post to find some inspiration for your Instagram Marketing! 9 hacks you probably didn’t know and so, a useful exercise to see what captures visitors’ attention!

9) 5 Biggest Mistakes you can make on Twitter

Twitter marketing mistakes you need to stop making!

Twitter, in particular, is one of the best platforms for aggressively engaging with your brand’s audience, yet in the event that you make the wrong moves, you could wind up tweeting into the void, or more terrible, offending potential customers. It is a great marketing tool and gives you many opportunities to connect with your audience.

A post that features 5 worst things brands/businesses can do on Twitter. Avoid these major mistakes and Tweet your way to the top!

10) 5 Tips To Make You Create Impressive Facebook Ad Images

Secrets the Pros Use to Create Great Facebook Ad Images!

When you have to reach to your audience in a scalable way, it actually impacts your business. Facebook Ads play a great role. The image you choose is one of the most important elements of your ad and when getting that wrong, you end up throwing money right into the trash.

In this post, we offer our best tips for creating Facebook ad images, and even examples to inspire your next ad. Go ahead to see the sample!

11) 6 Tips on Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns last for a certain time period. And, so the way we strategize running a campaign and social media marketing, differs from each other. It can be broken down into three stages: the before, the during and after. Take a look at these 6 tips that have been identified as the main elements of all three stages above.

Use the ideas to encourage your community to like, share, respond, and take action.

Whether you’re in pursuit of new customers or attempting to win back old customers, you’re almost always operating in aggressive space. This means you can’t depend on the same repetitive strategies; get through the clamor and reverberate with your objective market. So, a genuine post for refreshing your Social Media strategies!


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Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

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