19 Influencer Marketing Stats That Will Surprise You


  1. Businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.
  2. 59% of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year.
  3. 4% of influencers chose to be influencers so they could earn revenue.
  4. 67% of marketing and communications professionals engage with influencers for content promotion.
  5. 77% of fashion micro-influencers prefer Instagram.
  6. Social Networks Influence 74% of Consumers’ buying decisions.
  7. ⅓ of Twitter audiences follow and engage with social media celebrities and influencers.
  8. 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities.
  9. Only 14% of people can recall the last time they saw an ad and identify the offer it was promoting.
  10. 51% of marketers say that video content produces the best ROI.
  11. 86% of women turn to social networks before making a purchase.
  12. 75% of marketers claim to have allocated money for influencer marketing.
  13. 6 in 10 YouTube subscribers would follow advice on what to buy from their favorite creator over their favorite TV or movie personality.
  14. 58% of marketers say “original written content” is their most important type of content, over visuals and videos.
  15. Influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.
  16. 13% of brands generate $20 in revenue for every dollar invested in influencer marketing.
  17. Google searches for the term “influencer marketing” have increased by 325% over 12 months.
  18. The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $1.7B in 2018.
  19. 75% of professionals think influencer engagement is effective in lead generation.

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15 Social Media Updates You May Have Missed in November

Social Network Applications


Facebook Updates Events App with Restaurants, Bars, and More

To help you discover bars, restaurants, and nearby attractions, Facebook rebranded its standalone Events app as “Facebook Local”. Facebook Local combines events and permanent places to a single search engine powered by Facebook’s 70 million business pages plus reviews and friends’ checkins.

Announcing New Tools for the Creator Community

Facebook announced two initiatives to help creators unleash their creativity: an app that helps creators manage their presence on Facebook and a central destination where creators can get the resources they need to improve and grow.

The Facebook Creator app is a one stop shop for creators of all kinds, to help take their passions to the next level. With the app, creators can easily create original video, go live with exclusive features, and connect with their community on Facebook — all from their pocket.

Facebook for Creators is a new website where creators can find resources and tips on how to create great videos, connect with fans, and grow on Facebook.

Facebook Introduces Messenger Chat Plugin for Business Websites

Facebook has revealed details about version 2.2 of its Messenger platform, which comes with a highly requested customer chat plugin. With Messenger Platform 2.2, Facebook aims to help businesses and developers “reach their customers in new and engaging ways.” The newest way for businesses to engage with customers is with Facebook Messenger’s new chat plugin.

Facebook Introduces a Simple Polling Feature With Support for GIFs

Facebook has brought a new feature to pages and profiles allowing users to post simple polls, and also, they can add GIFs to those.

Polls take account of 1 question and 2 choices of answers, similar to the new Instagram polls that were introduced recently.

To create a poll, users need to create a status update first, scrolling to the bottom to find the poll option. Then, users are presented with several text boxes where they can enter your question and the two possible answers.


Expanding Uploads from your Camera Roll

Starting Nov 7, users can add photos and videos to your story, even if you took them more than 24 hours ago. Now, you’ll be able to easily find and choose anything from your camera roll and share it instantly with friends.

Just like you normally would, swipe up from the camera to open your camera roll or tap the gallery icon. Scroll to choose your photo or video, and tap to select what you want to share.

Stories and Save on Mobile Web

Starting Nov 16, users can experience instagram.com in two new ways: by creating stories and saving posts you like.

You’ll see the camera icon at the top left of your feed. Tap it to take a photo or to add a photo from your library. You can also add text and change the text color. When you’re done, post it to your story by tapping “Share to Your Story”.

Introducing New Stickers for Thanksgiving

November 17, Instagram launched a new set of stickers to help celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States.

From expressive turkeys and decorative gourds to a pumpkin spice latte for warming up as autumn draws to a close, these stickers help you add a little extra creativity to the moments you share throughout the holiday.

New! Request to Join a Friend’s Live Video

Going live with a friend is now even easier. Starting today, when a friend is live, you can let them know you’d like to join in the fun and hang out live together.

When watching a friend’s live video, simply tap the “Request” button in the comments section. You’ll see a confirmation that your friend has accepted your request, and you’ll have a moment to prepare. Once you’re live, the screen will split in half so you can hang out live with your friend. You can leave your friend’s live video at any time, making it easy to join for a quick hello or a longer chat.

Remix Photos From Friends in Direct

Starting Nov 28, you can remix your friends’ photos — then send them back for fun conversations.

When viewing a photo message from a friend, tap the camera icon at the bottom and capture a reply. Your reply includes a sticker of what you’re replying to. Move and resize it, and add your own twist with stickers, text and drawings. You can remix photos back and forth for a fun visual of your conversation.


LinkedIn introduces Career Advice feature

To make it easier for members to connect across the LinkedIn network with one another for lightweight mentorship opportunities, we’re launching a new Career Advice feature. Whether you’re looking for best practices for approaching a new project, advice for starting a business, or intel on switching industries, Career Advice can help you connect with the right person.

Get data on your employees’ sharing behavior

The networking site ‘LinkedIn’, is analyzing users’ sharing habits and offering to send its findings to their employers.

This includes the amount of content people are posting, and the impact these updates are having on “content engagement”.


Introducing the new Snapchat

On Nov 29, 2017, a new and improved Snapchat has been introduced for users organized around their relationships and personalized just for them.

The new Snapchat separates the social from the media. This means that the Chats and Stories from users’ friends are on the left side of Snapchat, and the Stories from publishers, creators, and the communities are on the right.

Also, there is “Dynamic Friends Page,” invented to make Snapchat feel even more personal. The new Friends page to the left of the camera displays users’ friends based on the way they communicate with them.

Snapchat Introduces A New Ad Format: Promoted Stories

Snapchat is rolling out a new ad format just in time for the holiday season: Promoted Stories, which will let advertisers pay to push their story to more users.

A Story, for those who may have forgotten, is a collection of photos and videos stitched together into one extended thread with each part of the story disappearing 24 hours after it was shared. It’s one of Snap’s most popular products, and the same product that Instagram successfully copied a little over a year ago.

Anyone on Snapchat can create a Story, including brands or businesses, but they are only visible to the account’s followers. Promoted Stories, though, are country-wide, which means a brand could push their ad to all Snapchat users in the U.S., for example.


Twitter Doubles Tweet Character Limit to 280

Twitter has announced doubled its limit for tweets from 140 to 280 characters, a bid to pull in more users and boost engagement at the social network.

The roll-out includes all languages except Japanese, Korean and Chinese, in which space limitations have not been an issue, Twitter said. Twitter has limited its users to 140 characters per tweet since its launch in 2006. According to Twitter’s data, just 5% of tweets were longer than 140 characters, and 2% were over 190 characters. Only 1% of tweets hit the 280 character limit during Twitter’s testing period.


Expanding Community on YouTube

Community has always been at the heart of YouTube. From supporting each other, to touring the world, to making each other laugh, you and your audience have established strong bonds on YouTube. This connection goes beyond video, so about a year ago we invited a few creators to test out a new place to connect with fans in-between uploads with polls, pictures, text, GIFs, and more. YouTube called this place Community. Creators have been doing amazing things with it.

The launch of the Reels beta, a new ad format was mentioned here to all creators with over 10,000 subscribers. The idea is to introduce a new video format on YouTube that lets creators express themselves and engage fans without having to post a full video.

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Delhi School of Internet Marketing’ is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Source: 15 Social Media Updates You May Have Missed in November

9 Superb Omnichannel Stats A Marketer Should Know


  1. Campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.
  2. 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience.
  3. 77% of strong omnichannel companies store customer data across channels, compared to 48% for weak omnichannel companies.
  4. 55% of companies have no cross-channel strategy in place.
  5. 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels.
  6. 64% of marketers cite lack of resources and investment as their top barrier to omnichannel marketing.
  7. 14% of organizations say they are currently running coordinated marketing campaigns across all channels.
  8. 51% of marketers can’t react to new channels, devices, trends or competitors using their current tech.
  9. 50% of shoppers expect that they will be able to make a purchase online and pick up in-store.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing’ is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Source: 9 Superb Omnichannel Stats A Marketer Should Know

4 Super-Useful AdWords Features You Can’t Afford To Miss

Google has released several new AdWords features throughout 2017 which are in fact new ways for advertisers to bump up their campaigns. Yet, here in this post we’ll talk about the 4 latest and super-useful AdWords features offered to help advertisers perk up the performance of their paid search campaigns.

Take a look at the below mentioned updates and know everything about implementing these throughout your AdWords account:

#1 Promotion Extensions

People are continually looking for deals, whether it’s for a discount on holiday gifts or a cheaper flight. In fact, 7 out of 10 internet users look for sales or discounts before visiting a store. To help attract these deal-seeking customers with the latest offers, AdWords brought promotion extensions.

This feature makes it easy for advertisers to keep their promotions up to date without the need to create new ads. They also free up the rest of their ad for more unique content, like the brand terms or a clear call to action. Whether they’re sharing a discount code or simply sharing a site-wide discount, these ad extensions will send their CTR’s skyrocketing.

For example, if you’re a shoe store, you might use promotion extensions to show a “30% off” promo code on all Black Friday orders. You can also make these types of seasonal offers more prominent in your ad by selecting one of 12 occasions, like Black Friday or Back-to-school.

#2 Ad Variations

Ad variations offered in the new AdWords experience lets advertisers test changes across their text ads at scale in a fast and easy way.

With the update, advertisers are able to test ad copy changes across their entire account in just a few minutes, which previously took hours of manual work. This means they get to quickly test ad copy and make improvements that result in better ad performance.

For example, you may want to see how “Happy Holidays” performs when used in your text ads. With ad variations, you can test this change across thousands of ads in just a few clicks. In fact, some advertisers have set up variations for more than 1 million ads in less than a minute.

 Within the ad variants interface, you can:

  • Find and replace certain key words (or keywords, for that matter) in your ads
  • Update entire textual components (headlines, description, paths)
  • Invert your headlines

#3 Custom Intent Audiences

To help advertisers reach I-want-to-buy shoppers, AdWords has rolled out custom intent audiences for the Google Display Network. Custom intent audiences make it easy for advertisers to reach people who want to buy the specific products they offer–based on data from their campaigns, website and YouTube channel.

For example, if you’re a travel agency offering holiday getaways, Google could automatically create an audience of people shopping for “all-inclusive ski resorts” or “flights to Palm Springs.” We’ll then show you reach and performance estimates for each audience, so you can plan your campaign with precision.

#4 Gmail Remarketing

Gmail ads are interactive ads at the top of people’s inboxes. When someone clicks a collapsed Gmail ad, it expands just like an email does. The expanded ad, which is the size of an email, can include images, video, or embedded forms. Furthermore, the capacity to remarket and, all the more vitally, do as such powerfully by means of Gmail is exorbitantly advantageous for advertisers.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing’ is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Source: 4 Super-Useful AdWords Features You Can’t Afford To Miss

4 Facebook Ad Metrics you should start tracking quickly


It’s practically difficult to pick to choose because Facebook has such huge numbers of metrics to pick from.

Here basically, you have to limit your concentration to track particular metrics if you need to be more beneficial as there are tons to make you confused.

How about we take a look at 4 important Facebook Advertising metrics you should start tracking quickly; let’s move ahead:

1) “Real Conversions”

When tracking Facebook Ad Metrics, Conversions need proper attention as letting you know whether your ads are influencing individuals complete your brand’s intended action or not.

You should have its answer as it’s extremely imperative.

When you track conversion, you become acquainted with if you’re putting forth is advantageous for that gathering of people or not.

This is the only metric that can be effortlessly tied back to ROI and should be considered as one of the top metrics in your marketing report.

However, you should be particular while choosing which conversion-style metric to choose for as there are tons present.

You should concentrate on those supporting your true objective results. For your conversion metric, you have many options. Ensure you pick a metric pertinent to your campaign demonstrating an immediate effect on revenue or closing a deal.

2) “Cost per result (CPR)”

The next metric which is perfect for accompanying conversions is Cost per result i.e. CPR. You simply cannot depend on conversions only; you require a balanced marketing report that shows more than just sales.

Cost per result is a key metric that causes you see the amount you’re spending for every conversion.

This metric is calculated in a way similar to AdWords determining the cost per conversion. It is calculated as the total amount spent, divided by the number of results.

When the total amount spent on a campaign gets divided by the total conversions, the cost per conversion or cost per result comes out.

CPR lets you know whether you are spending excessively on acquisition or not. There should be possibly the lowest cost per result on conversions.

3) “Frequency”

This metric isn’t of worry for advertisers with low Facebook Ad Spend, one running over $50 in ad spend must track this metric.

Frequency is the average number of times each person saw your ad.

No one likes to see the same ad dozens of times it gets excessively and prompts an unfriendly impact. If your frequency is greater, people are more likely to become annoyed. And, they’ll end up whether hiding or reporting it.

Likewise, when someone reports or hides your ad, you risk getting beaten over quality and audience targeting. Also, it drives your costs higher. As you show people the ad to an ever increasing extent, the more irritated they can become, resulting in a lower relevance score and higher costs.

The below has been shown a graph that says as frequency increases, CTR decreases and cost per click increases which is actually not good. It means that frequency is a key metric to track with regards to ensuring you don’t squander your campaign budget.

As an answer, advertisers can limit their ad frequency to specific views per person. They can utilize Facebook principles to streamline and automate this process if they would prefer not to spend each day checking their metrics and making sure that their frequency number remains low.

To begin with, go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a rule applying a number as the greater than value.

This will make sure that once your frequency passes the specified number; your end action will naturally kick in.

4) “Click-through rate”

Click-through rate (CTR) is taking the aggregate number of clicks on your ad and dividing it by the total impressions.

To say, if your campaign had 50 clicks and 1,000 impressions, you’d have a CTR of 5%.

Having a high CTR means that your audience targeting is on point and also, your creative and ad copy are compelling enough to drive interests and clicks. When your ad CTR is low, it means that something just isn’t working.

As per WordStream’s 2017 Facebook Ad CTR Study, the average CTR in Facebook Ads across all industries is .90%. It’s pretty low and so, says that anything over 2-3% should make you happy.

To better deal with this metric, you can create a new rule that increases your everyday budget by a particular percent when you hit a certain CTR.

An example to let you know how to do it:

The rule above basically says that if the CTR on a given advertisement is greater than 2%, increase my daily budget by 25%.

CTR is an often frequently misjudged metric regularly ignored but is tremendously useful when finding out how well a specific ad is resonating with its targeted audience.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing’ is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Source: 4 Facebook Ad Metrics you should start tracking quickly

[INFOGRAPHIC]- 8 Ways To Drive 100% AdWords Results


Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can be one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

Optimizing a pay per click campaign takes a detailed skill-set and experience. In this infographic from DSIM to expose the common drawbacks of PPC marketing and to help you avoid them at all costs.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing’ is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Source: [INFOGRAPHIC]- 8 Ways To Drive 100% AdWords Results

6 Hacks To Skyrocket Your Content Promotion


Content Promotion is the most essential part of Content Marketing and too often, this remains uncared for.

By skipping content promotion, you’re essentially denying the matter of benefit, because content when not promoted doesn’t reach its intended audience and so, the time gets wasted.

Here, in this post we have shared 6 hacks to promote your content without spending sleepless nights:

1) Mention Your Industry’s Influencers

Reach out to experts, with a question and quote them in your next piece of content.

Contact someone you’ve effectively settled a connection or worked together with.

Building and supporting an association with a new connection takes a considerable measure longer than working with somebody who knows you and your work.

You can use Twitter and LinkedIn and shoot the chosen experts a direct message. Then, follow up with a detailed email clarifying the motivation behind why they should invest their energy noting your inquiries.

2) Create a Video Supporting Your Content

Videos get at least two times more engagement than any other form of content.

When you really put effort and design work into creating one, audience will adore it, share it and ensure the majority of their companions watch it, too. This will let your video message to get remembered.

3) Use Lead Magnets

The objective of a lead magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you can collect on the page your content is published.

To effectively attract new customers, you really need to get imaginative and provide important information relevant to the subject of your article and it should be done in exchange for prospects’ contact information.

Some of the best lead magnets are: Putting forth to register for a webinar, providing additional information, sharing useful, ready-to-use templates.

4) Use Paid Ads on Twitter & Facebook

Paid ads work as another great feature and so, to start advertising on Twitter, you can create a custom audience using tools available.

By manually selecting users to target with your promoted post, you let your post reaches your potential clients.

To do it on Facebook, you can set up for your ad promotion and target both your Facebook fans & followers. Ad settings and filters help users select the right type of audience.

5) Set up a Remarketing Campaign

Studies say that 30 percent of visitors will give you their contact data and for those skipping it, this is the place remarketing becomes possibly the most important factor.

Prepare banners and landing pages relevant to your content as these could invite users to join a webinar or offer exclusive content.

You can use similar lead magnets already integrated into your content page.

6) Create a Preview Image for Facebook & Twitter

Ensure the image used by you in your next content promotion campaign grabs your audience’s attention in a brief instant.

Make yourself acquainted with the ad guidelines when planning to advertise on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter as your post’s preview can make or break your ad’s overall performance.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing’ is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Source: 6 Hacks To Skyrocket Your Content Promotion