5 Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Audience


With eye-popping user growth statistics, user-friendly postings and interaction option, Instagram now has earned a great reputation in the forefront of social media marketing.

Seeing the opportunities it holds, it has become important to expand your Instagram following.

Let’s take a look at the 5 chosen ways to do it:

#1 Search audience using Hashtags

Using hashtags to find your audience on Instagram is a strategic formula.

Recognize popular hashtags and use them to pick up visibility among your intended audience. Finding the correct tags can take a little research, but when you use the most relevant and broadly used, these bring the best results. You can do it this way:

  • Find your competitors and check what they’re using
  • Use Instagram’s search feature, connect to key terms and phrases and go from there
  • Identify active users in your target and look at tags used by them

You can use Instagram tools like Combin to compile Instagram hashtags important to what you do and represent.

#2 Search audience by Locations and Events

When you know places or events attended by individuals conceivably interested in your offering, it pairs your chances of discovering lots of new potential followers and clients.

Further, channel and sort the results to your benefit and perform liking, commenting, and following actions to attract consideration to your Instagram account.

#3 Search audience among followers

Under the section, you can perform searching by either the followers of specific Instagram accounts or by its commenters. Accounts that you get amid the received search results are your possible followers. Further, follow them, like, and comment on their posts to make them a part of your community.

#4 Interact with found posts and accounts

Searching is an essential part, however speaking with people found is equally important to grow your Instagram audience.

When you like or comment on another person’s content, users get a notification that shows your details. It lets them check out your profile, and, on the off chance that they find interesting matter, they begin following you and this increases the engagement too.

5) Promote your account with the help of Influencers

After you’ve built up a pleasant presence on Instagram posting quality content, share your posts with the help of influencers. It’s an exceptional way to push new people to follow you on Instagram.

Their inclusion in the promoting of your Instagram account will advance up your followers’ scores.

You can sort the results by the number of followers, likes, or comments. Instagram accounts showing up at the very top subsequent to arranging are your potential influencers. Additionally, check their profiles and contact for a possible partnership on promoting your Instagram account.

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Source: 5 Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Audience


10 Free Twitter Analytics Tools of 2017


When trying to figure out how to stand out amongst every second 6,000 tweets shared on Twitter, analytics can help you find a way. Yes, by helping you determine the type of tweetsthat do better as compared to others.

On finding upon the right set of analytics tools, it becomes easier to pick up followers at sound rate alongside getting higher engagement rate.

So, let’s take a look at the below presented list of 10 best and free Twitter analytics tools:

1) Buffer

Buffer has a refined interface and it makes automating the timing of your social media posts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter super convenient. It lets you adjust post frequency, set a custom time for each post, and rearrange already scheduled posts.



SOCIALERT is a tool to help you search trending keywords, hashtags, and influencer. Track all posts of hashtag whether they belong to hashtag campaign, event, Twitterchat or contest. You can identify the top Twitter marketing influencers with its wide range of metrics for a desired keyword and also, simplify your content analysis with its twitter analytics tool.


3) Twitter Analytics

Use Twitter Analytics and measure and boost your impact on Twitter in a best possible way.

Twitter Analytics is the only tool showing the number of impressions per tweet. It also mentions engagement rate and lets you see the most popular types of engagement amongst users such as retweets, likes, profile clicks, link clicks, and detail expand.

4) Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a Twitter analytics tool to analyze a Twitter account. It also lets you find out details of your competitor’s account and works exceptionally when analyzing hashtags. You can also create real-time stream of every keyword, hashtag, or user, and monitor it all through a single screen.

5) Tweroid

Tweriod is a free twitter tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet. It gives you the best times to tweet. It analyses both your tweets and your followers’ tweets. The free analysis will analyze up to 1000 of your followers. So, you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others.

6) Klear

Klear is a tool to let you find and analyze influencers. One of the most sophisticated influencer search engines out here, it helps you easily find influencers in any category and location in the world across Twitter along with Instagram, YouTube and Blogs.


7) Social Bearing

Social Bearing offers Free Twitter analytics & search for tweets, timelines & twitter maps. Now, find, filter and sort tweets or people by engagement, influence, location, sentiment and more using this tool. It offers real-time Twitter search, insights & analytics along with several other features.

8) Twitaholic

Twitaholic is a free tool which helps you track the most influential users on Twitter and also shares insights about them. The tool predicts the ‘top reach’ of each influencer and lets you analyze Facebook and Instagram following calculating the overall influencer score.

9) ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a web-based application that lets you work smarter and faster with Twitter. It provides a set of tools to let you manage and gather insights about your followers. You can also schedule posts and find trending content to post about.


10) Followerwonk

Followerwonk by Moz is a useful tool to let you analyze information about any Twitter user. It empowers you to widen your audience and identify trending topics. Using this tool, you can search through bios and filter it according to the location. It helps you explore and grow your social graph amazingly.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing’ is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Source: 10 Free Twitter Analytics Tools of 2017

5 Steps to Set Your Facebook Ad Budget

dsim image

Facebook ads have become an important part of every social strategy. And, if you want to get your ad seen on Facebook, you have to pay for your advertisement.

And, here expecting results from your hard-earned money; you may be wondering how to go about setting a budget?

We are here to help you…

In this article, you’ll learn how to set your Facebook ad Budget for great results.

Setting Your Budget

There are two different ways to set the price of a Facebook Ad:

Daily Maximum Budget – The average amount you’re willing to spend on an ad set every day.

Lifetime Budget – The amount you’re willing to spend over the entire runtime of your ad set.

#1 Define Your Revenue Goal

This is the most key step when calculating your ad budget. With your SET goals, you can find out how much amount to spend to reach those.

Some TYPES of possible Facebook ad goals-

  1. Product sales for a definite period
  2. Generate new leads
  3. Increase the reach of content on Facebook
  4. Increase traffic to website from Facebook
  5. Increase attendance at event
  6. Number of new fans during the campaign
  7. Responses to a certain offer
  8. Video views on a main promotional video
  9. Boost engagement for our Facebook Page

And, you can set a better strategy with a question like this: “What budget do we need to generate $X in revenue with Facebook ads?” setting revenue goal for your campaign ads helps you know more about the planning process and exact ROI report.

#2 Estimate Your Target Audience Size

The audience size is where you really start mining into the cost of your ad campaign.

Because for Facebook, there are some variables like:

  • How many people will see my ad?
  • How many of the target audience will be on Facebook each day?
  • What if Facebook assists ads to them but they don’t notice it?

Facebook makes it simple to romp with targeting options and see an expected reach in real time.

Start by picking out your target audience’s location, age, gender, and language. These targeting preferences will usually yield large numbers since they are quite basic. Go to demographics, interests, and behavior to find better targeting options.

#3 Configure Facebook Ads Manager

Next look at how to configure Facebook Ads Manager to show you the data you want.

First, install and configure the Facebook pixel so you can track your conversions and deliver clear ROI. Once the pixel is set, you’ll need to create a custom conversion.

Step- Open Facebook Ads Manager –> Selects Custom Conversions –>Click Create Custom Conversion

#4 Create a Two-step Ad Campaign

Cost per lead, target audience, ad creative and funnel strategy calculation can have a big effect on the results.

Rather than sending cold leads directly to a free marketing software page, use blog content to heat up your audience before requesting them to submit their details.

You can try two steps process:

  • Send cold leads to a high-quality blog content
  • Retarget readers with your lead magnet

Here’s an example of an ad that pushes cold leads to read your blog-

This second ad retargets blog readers to try their marketing software.

#5 Track Your Results and Fine-tune Your Ad

After running your ad, collect conversion data; go to the Ads Manager to look at your costs.

To see the correct data, you’ll need to organize your columns to show custom conversions.

Click Columns button on the right–> Select Customize Columns

In customise columns window, select boxes you want to add to the result board.

After making your selections, select ‘Save as Present’ and Click ‘Apply’.

Finally, the best way to set a budget comes from testing and refining ads, and then persuading results to build a budget based on your outcomes.

About DSIM: 

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 5 Steps to Set Your Facebook Ad Budget

6 Most-effective Social Media Ads in 2017


New social media advertising comes out every day, every week; yet there are limited ones that become most popular.

Why? Because, these ads are made virtually with immeasurable ability to scale.

These convey compelling offers through compelling mediums to individuals finding these really compelling.

And, so, we have brought here a couple of social media ads, standing superbly amongst all.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these 6 ads offers to help you know how to set in proven strategies and generate consistent ROI, via an advertising.

 1) Expression Fiber Arts– Facebook Advertising

A great example of Facebook ad in action comes by Expression Fiber Arts. It does a great job offering free products, downloadable and predictable discounts and coupons for its audience. Following the strategy, it has earned her more than $1,000,000 in annual sales in just 2 years.

2) Spearmint Love– Instagram Marketing

‘The Spearmint Love’ saw great success with its advertising on Instagram. For its Thanksgiving retargeting campaign, the brand took an optimized approach for conversions and used data from the Facebook pixel to set up a custom audience to retarget. It now automatically builds a custom audience targeting users who visited its website in last 60 days and left without making any purchase.

With the strategy, Spearmint LOVE has seen:

 3) RockTape – Twitter Advertising

RockTape, a brand that deals into equipment and athletic tape retailing, brings a great example of Twitter advertising.

It’s been found that promoted tweets with Website Cards drive 43% more engagement than just tweeting out a link. RockTape followed this strategy and has only paid for clicks to its website and set up conversion tracking every single pay out. It also took remarketing based on people visiting its website earlier; yet leaving without making any purchase.

The strategy led RockTape to increase engagement through these campaigns, directing users directly to store and increasing sales.

4) Native Union– Pinterest Advertising

Native Union is a popular brand dealing with mobile phone accessories. It keeps on reposting pictures of its products that talk of high-class lifestyle and are of extreme importance in modern days. The strategy has helped Native Union earn huge popularity amongst all types of customer groups, further improving its sales.

5) Baume & Mercier- LinkedIn Advertising

Baume & Mercier is one of the great names in the Swiss watch industry and has done a fabulous job in its LinkedIn ads. Through a Sponsored InMail campaign, which was customized for young professionals, progressing in their careers; in Italy, France, Spain and the UK, the brand uncovered the greatest potential.

The campaign invited them to take part in intimate style workshops and personal shopping experiences offering an exclusive insight into the design philosophy behind Baume &Mercier. Hundreds of guest joined actors, designers and watchmakers.

Results were:

  • It got a response rate of more than 50%
  • CRM database grew by 1,200 new members
  • 216 of respondents attended the events
  • 157 individuals provided their contact details
  • Click through rates went 4x of the benchmark

6) Taco Bell- Snapchat Advertising

Taco Bell created a filter for Cinco de Mayo and it performed extremely well. Being fun and engaging, both individually and in groups, it got viewed by 224 Million times. Options became greatly popular amongst users playing with and it helped increase Taco Bell’s sales tremendously.

There are hundreds of altered marketing strategies and everybody is trying to get ahead and to make sure you win, explore and learn how to resourcefully manage your multi-channel advertising without losing your mind.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 6 Most-effective Social Media Ads in 2017

10 coolest YouTube banner designs for your inspiration

If your YouTube fans are alluring with your awesome video content on a regular basis, it’s important to keep your YouTube Channel banner looking fresh.

Banner is one of the important elements representing the style, eminence and insight of your channel.

Every promising YouTube sensation needs an exciting banner that matches their awesome channel.

Here are 10 creative YouTube banner examples and let’s go ahead to find the one that works for you!

What Makes a Good YouTube Banner?

  • Minimum dimension for upload: 2048 x 1152 px
  • Minimum “safe area” where text and logos are ensured not to be cut off : 1546 x 423 px
  • Maximum width: 2560 x 423 px
  • File size: 4MB or smaller
  • Use a high-resolution image
  • Keep it on-brand
  • Your banner should represent what your company does in a timely fashion

YouTube Channel Banner Examples

#1 TripAdvisor B2B

TripAdvisor B2B’s aim is “redefining the way the tourism industry markets to travelers”. It is the world’s largest travel website; attracting around 390 million unique users each month.

It is used by millions of travelers to discover and rate accommodations, restaurants, and much more information about endless destinations.

Its YouTube banner is showing this site is all about travel and also it’s portrays the action of visitors giving feedback on their experiences by showing rating signs.

#2  Google

Google is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. Its mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google cleverly incorporates all its services into its banner. It’s a quick and colorful trip.

Its banner is also a prompt that at times busy can be better. The masterpiece is perfectly balanced, dynamic, and Google’s signature colors are bright as ever.

#3 Refinery29

Refinery29 is a lifestyle destination that delivers non-stop inspiration to live a more stylish and creative life.

It is often featuring its writers, editors, and content producers in its videos. It is showing, they’ve all become popular personalities and the brand put them front-and-center in its channel banner.

#4 Nuvolari Lenard

One of the most exclusive and largest luxury yacht design studios in the world, Nuvolari Lenard is well-known for its timeless and elegant Italian Style.

The most important thing about this banner is its simplicity. The channel banner itself doesn’t show anything clearly marine, the use of capital letters and tiered monochrome does indicate a brand that’s high-end.

#5 Vox

Vox is an American news and opinion website owned by Vox Media.

It uses basic geometric shapes to create its colorful channel banner. Each element features a television line texture, fitting for the channel.

#6 Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit is an American food and entertaining magazine. It is the award-winning No. 1 food lifestyle brand covers food through the lens of cooking, fashion, travel, and technology.

This banner is very clear, from the logo icon to the center image. It portraying its branding and the picture itself sends a sign of the type of content visitors can expect to consume. All you can see is food.

#7 TobyGames

Toby Turner‘s gaming channel, TobyGames, is currently the 100th most subscribed channel on YouTube, and has 6,716,000+ subscribers. He is well-known for his Minecraft, Skyrim, Happy Wheels, Slender, and Walking Dead series.

You can’t beat a Toby channel banner. It has zombies, wizards, swords, “Minecraft” and Segways; all things we can believe that Turner loves deeply.

#8 Delhi School of Internet Marketing  

DSIM is the first digital marketing institute delivering advanced digital marketing course in India via In-class & live online training by Industry experts.

This channel is a home of advanced digital marketing training. It uses a very simple style for their channel banner company’s own logo and a well-blended background with their website URL and contact number front. From one single look, you can have it all.

#9 The Verge

The Verge was founded in 2011 in partnership with Vox Media, and covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture.

It is quite a perfect name for a channel that covers the intersection of Technology, Science, Art and Culture. Simple intersecting lines as background are just perfect for it.

#10 Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday is an education resource for aspiring graphic designers and hand letterers. It offers weekly tutorials for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

The channel is run by Teela Cunningham, a graphic designer passionate about helping others.

No wonder the banner is brilliant! Teela paired a script and sans-serif with top view photography in her banner.


Creating a YouTube banner is two-fold process. First, you have to find a way to incorporate your company’s ability into video content in a way that’s engaging and appealing to your target audience.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 10 coolest YouTube banner designs for your inspiration

7 Clever Ways To Promote Your App On Social Media

The process of designing an amazing app can be challenging and most of the developers often think that just getting the app accepted in App Store is end of the story. But the real battle starts after that. There are plenty of mobile apps struggling for success and to get ahead of those you need to think beyond the line.

Now you must have started thinking what are those out of the box ways to market your app successfully?

Though there are plenty of them, but social media is more successful in making your apps popular and improve download rates.

And, here are 7 ways to promote your app on social media, which will bring you the most active users and attention.

Let’s dive right in…

1# Announce nearest launching of App :

Even when your app is at the processing level you should start promoting its nearest launching through several social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.

You need to mention its benefits, define how it will be convenient for target customers, then list out its special features, and introduce the team involved into the App creation.

This is one of the best and tested ways to promote your App to win the trust of customers even before its launch.

 2# Reward Your Users with Incentives

If you actually want your app to take off, then reward your users by offering them special discounts and incentives.

Curbside, a local shopping app started ‘$25 off’ discount campaign on Facebook to attract their audience and so, boosted their visibility and download rates.

Thus, to gain more and more visibility you can definitely use this rewarding trick to motivate your users.

3# Leverage holiday season benefits

Nowadays several brands are seeing holiday season as an ideal time for their App advertisement. They want to become the part of festive spirit by launching social campaignsregarding their upcoming events and offers.

Myntra an online Shopping app gave a 30-80% discount to their users on the occasion of Diwali. Such festive offers are helpful in generating huge revenue without making you seem anxious.

4# Run a contest

While launching a business app it becomes essential for a brand to take care of their existing customers. It’s not their job but responsibility to keep their regulars engaged and happy.

Numerous organizations are using creative ways to entertain their existing customer base and introduce contests and incentives to install their new app.

ING Vysya introduced a Facebook selfie contest which includes installing and trying their app. And, the contest was advertised using Facebook.

So, new mobile application launchers can absolutely try similar techniques to fascinate their current users.

 5# Motivate users to share your app content:

Share your App content on different social platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. and encourage users to share the content with others.

Make sure your content should be unique and informative. Share user generated contentinstead of promotional. Try to simplify doubts and issues.

Highpoint your significant features in the content and how it can benefit user.

Also, chat with individuals and tell them the purpose behind developing the app and how it’s going to solve the problem.

6# Keep your customer updated:

Keeping your customer updated means staying ahead with your competitors.

With hundreds of apps launching everyday it becomes really necessary to remind your app users that you are improving and updating with time.

Brands like ‘Sygic’ are doing great job by informing their users for new updates and features through social platforms.

Let your fans and users know about your achievements. You can also seek reviews and suggestions to keep your audience involved and work on those recommendations and come up with regular updates.

7# Images Are Worth A Thousand Words

Using images is a great way to make your post related to app. A picture expresses a great amount of descriptive text.

You can post general “Download the App” like posts on social media with screenshots to catch user attention.

Moreover, you can publish post about app feature or a tip for using it every day add a relevant image to go with that post


Social media is 100% one of most effective tools in App promotion. And, definitely marketing your app through it will allow you to target your customers.

So, try to use these out of the box ways that will help you in getting bigger download numbers and higher visibility.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 7 Clever Ways To Promote Your App On Social Media


[INFOGRAPHIC]- Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads


When it comes to social media marketing, there are a lot of options available to you. If you’re trying to define whether Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads is the best social media advertising platform for your business, there are a number of factors to consider first.

Because what works on one social media platform doesn’t necessarily work on another. Why? As their audiences are different.

In this Infographic, Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads will help you make a more up-to-date decision about where to spend your money.


About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: [INFOGRAPHIC]- Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads