Case Study: Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords

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As an online marketer, it’s essential that you check different advertising platforms for your company and your clients.

It is important to know which works best as per businesses, demographics and, in fact, for budgets.

Here in this case study, we’ll talk about AdWords and Bing Ads; which offers the better value.

If you’re an entrepreneur seeing paid search ads, you may be pondering how pay-per-click (PPC) works and if it’s the right move for your marketing strategy.

PPC is a practice of online advertising where advertisers pay only when a consumer clicks their ad.

What AdWords Offers You

Google AdWords offers ad space in either the Google Search Network or the Google Display Network.

In the Google Search Network, you get:

  • 3 lines of text, with a heading (25 characters), and 2 description lines (35 characters each)
  • Ad extensions added page assets for call-outs such like special offers, phone numbers, reviews, your location, and other useful information
  • Look on the Google search engine results page (SERP) for your targeted keyword, either at the top or along the right side

The position in which your Google Search ad looks depends on a range of factors. These consist of your maximum bid, the quality score of your ad, and the competition on the keyword you are targeting.

The Google Display Network (GDN) features a little different option:

  • Text, photo, interactive, and video ads
  • Advertisers are capable to select targeted websites in which to have their ad eligible to show on as opposed to showing in SERPs
  • Advertisers have the ability to choose to target by interests, ages, specific websites, location, and gender

The GDN displays your ads on particular websites rather than in search engine results. More than a million websites take part in the Display Network.

What Bing Ads Offers You

The Google AdWords search network claims 67% of the U.S. search market share vs. the Yahoo! Bing ad network, which acquires about 29%.

Why would anyone need to use Bing ads network, when Google search market has a huge share.

There are quite a few benefits to advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Ad Network.

In the Bing Ad network, here is what you gain:

  • 2 lines of text including a heading (25 characters), and a description line (71 characters)
  • Ad extensions- Bing Ads offers call-out extensions and phone number extensions
  • Ad placements on Bing and Yahoo! owned and operated sites and partner sites
  • Access to 45 million people who are using Bing completely
  • Advertisers can use a monthly budget on Bing vs. Google’s daily budget

The Yahoo! Bing Ad Network often has a lower Cost Per Click (CPL) and higher Click Through Rate (CTR), because there is less competition. That means your ads can get to a higher spot more effortlessly than on Google.

In this case study, you’ll get to know what some of the key differences are and how they perform.

#Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Average Position

In looking at more than a few accounts in the home services industry, the average position was about 35% higher in Bing.

Your ads may show in superior spots on Bing, but at what cost?

As a result, CPC is actually somewhat lower in Bing than AdWords.

Better placing and a lower CPC makes Bing ads a little more interesting for the budget alert advertiser.


Though Google AdWords has more search volume and consumers seeing the ads overall, you may be able to have a better ad position and lower CPC on Bing Ads.

#Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

CTR is an important factor in defining whether your ads are effective or not. The higher CTR, the greater response your ads are getting.

The click-through-rates is much higher on Bing over AdWords in a sample test. Ad formats also differ a little across the two platforms which may be a contributing factor here.


In a sample test, Bing Ads received a higher CTR than Google AdWords.


You won’t be able to spend the same amount of money on Bing Ads that you do on Google AdWords. Budgets vary by industry, but we usually see Bing budgets between 20% – 35% of the same spend on AdWords.

Advertising Platform- Google AdWords

Budget- $2,000

Advertising Platform- Bing Ads

Budget- $400 – $700

But, what Bing lacks in volume, it makes up for in performance.

#Conversion Rate and Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Conversion tracking is complicated in Bing Ads. Setup isn’t easy, though it’s not completely their fault.

Google makes it easy to incorporate Google products. Bing is a competitor, so integrating Bing Ads with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics isn’t nearly as smooth.

Anyway, we see better conversion rates from Bing. Cost per conversion is cheaper as well, so you may pay less for the same lead in Bing.


With just 1 in 3 searches being executed on Bing, Google wins in the search volume category and its users tend to convert more frequently.

Planning a Complete Advertising Strategy

As an advertiser, you want to make sure you are seizing all the appropriate searches you can by spending the minimum amount of your hard-earned money.

Take a minute to analyze your goals and target audience, and then plan your advertising strategy accordingly.


#Google AdWord Network


“Vodafone ‘Structured Snippets” boosts search CTR 100%”

Vodafone is a passionate user of ad extensions and was looking to improve search ad performance.

“We were utilizing callout extensions, sitelinks, location extensions and review extensions, but we were looking for more ways to differentiate ourselves from competitors. We started using structured snippets in AdWords with the aim of providing consumers more information about key USPs and the wide breadth of products that Vodafone offers, as well as increasing click-through rate.” – Elliot Saxton, Account Manager for Vodafone at MEC UK.


  • Provide more information about Vodafone’s key USPs and wide breadth of products in digital advertising
  • Increase click-through rates from search ads

The Solution

The company used structured snippets as part of an ad extension strategy in Google AdWords.

Structured snippets are a type of ad extension that let advertisers highlight particular features of their brand’s products and services before visitors click through to their site.


  • 8% increase in CTR for brand activity
  • 100% increase in CTR for SIM-only activity
  • Doubled the CTR of device-specific activity

“Structured snippets have improved ad relevance. They also allowed us to easily advertise our product colour sets, something that wasn’t really feasible before. Structured snippets are now part of the business-as-usual activity and are considered before all campaign launches.”- Elliot says of the results.

Vodafone is one of many advertisers seeing success with ad extensions. On average, using ad extensions on search ads produces a click-through rate uplift of 10 to 15% for each new extension added.

#Bing Ads Network


“Telecom Company gets 437% higher conversion rate and 29% lower cost per lead with Bing Ads”


Grasshopper, a virtual phone system provider was looking to find a new stream of leads to help grow its business. It was already using radio ads and Google AdWords when it included Bing Ads into its digital strategy.

The Solution

Grasshopper started by importing Google AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads to increase its online presence. In addition to making a new channel of leads in just minutes, Grasshopper used Bing Ads to decrease its cost per lead (CPL).


  • 437% increase in conversions
  • 29% decrease in cost per lead
  • 333% increase in clicks
  • 43% increase in impressions
  • 65% increase in CTR

The company estimated the number of leads to grow but were impressed by the quality of the audience.

“Based on the results we have seen, I highly recommend that other companies include Bing Ads in their search marketing efforts.”- Greg Kristan, SEO specialist at Grasshopper. 


Google may get more search traffic, but Bing Ads can be an effective marketing channelboasting higher positioning, CTR, and lower CPCs.

So, AdWords is not superior to Bing Ads or vice versa. They are just poles apart. Depending on your industry, competition, consideration span and many other factors, one ad network might work better for you than the other.

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Source: Case Study: Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords

7 Clever Ways To Promote Your App On Social Media

The process of designing an amazing app can be challenging and most of the developers often think that just getting the app accepted in App Store is end of the story. But the real battle starts after that. There are plenty of mobile apps struggling for success and to get ahead of those you need to think beyond the line.

Now you must have started thinking what are those out of the box ways to market your app successfully?

Though there are plenty of them, but social media is more successful in making your apps popular and improve download rates.

And, here are 7 ways to promote your app on social media, which will bring you the most active users and attention.

Let’s dive right in…

1# Announce nearest launching of App :

Even when your app is at the processing level you should start promoting its nearest launching through several social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.

You need to mention its benefits, define how it will be convenient for target customers, then list out its special features, and introduce the team involved into the App creation.

This is one of the best and tested ways to promote your App to win the trust of customers even before its launch.

 2# Reward Your Users with Incentives

If you actually want your app to take off, then reward your users by offering them special discounts and incentives.

Curbside, a local shopping app started ‘$25 off’ discount campaign on Facebook to attract their audience and so, boosted their visibility and download rates.

Thus, to gain more and more visibility you can definitely use this rewarding trick to motivate your users.

3# Leverage holiday season benefits

Nowadays several brands are seeing holiday season as an ideal time for their App advertisement. They want to become the part of festive spirit by launching social campaignsregarding their upcoming events and offers.

Myntra an online Shopping app gave a 30-80% discount to their users on the occasion of Diwali. Such festive offers are helpful in generating huge revenue without making you seem anxious.

4# Run a contest

While launching a business app it becomes essential for a brand to take care of their existing customers. It’s not their job but responsibility to keep their regulars engaged and happy.

Numerous organizations are using creative ways to entertain their existing customer base and introduce contests and incentives to install their new app.

ING Vysya introduced a Facebook selfie contest which includes installing and trying their app. And, the contest was advertised using Facebook.

So, new mobile application launchers can absolutely try similar techniques to fascinate their current users.

 5# Motivate users to share your app content:

Share your App content on different social platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. and encourage users to share the content with others.

Make sure your content should be unique and informative. Share user generated contentinstead of promotional. Try to simplify doubts and issues.

Highpoint your significant features in the content and how it can benefit user.

Also, chat with individuals and tell them the purpose behind developing the app and how it’s going to solve the problem.

6# Keep your customer updated:

Keeping your customer updated means staying ahead with your competitors.

With hundreds of apps launching everyday it becomes really necessary to remind your app users that you are improving and updating with time.

Brands like ‘Sygic’ are doing great job by informing their users for new updates and features through social platforms.

Let your fans and users know about your achievements. You can also seek reviews and suggestions to keep your audience involved and work on those recommendations and come up with regular updates.

7# Images Are Worth A Thousand Words

Using images is a great way to make your post related to app. A picture expresses a great amount of descriptive text.

You can post general “Download the App” like posts on social media with screenshots to catch user attention.

Moreover, you can publish post about app feature or a tip for using it every day add a relevant image to go with that post


Social media is 100% one of most effective tools in App promotion. And, definitely marketing your app through it will allow you to target your customers.

So, try to use these out of the box ways that will help you in getting bigger download numbers and higher visibility.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 7 Clever Ways To Promote Your App On Social Media


[INFOGRAPHIC]- Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads


When it comes to social media marketing, there are a lot of options available to you. If you’re trying to define whether Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads is the best social media advertising platform for your business, there are a number of factors to consider first.

Because what works on one social media platform doesn’t necessarily work on another. Why? As their audiences are different.

In this Infographic, Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads will help you make a more up-to-date decision about where to spend your money.


About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: [INFOGRAPHIC]- Facebook Ads vs. Twitter Ads

25 Most EXPENSIVE AdWords Keywords of all-time

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An ever increasing number of businesses are turning to PPC advertising these days and so, keyword research has become important than ever.

When discussing these little text ads appearing next to search results, they bring almost 97 percent i.e. $33.3 billion of the Google’s revenue over the year.

Isn’t it great? But, the more fascinating part is that these profits come as small payments made by hundreds of thousands of companies paying dollars per click, every single time their Google ads get clicked by a new potential customer.

So, when you are paying so much, you need to be thoughtful.

And, choosing the right set of keywords can save you against wasting your budget and help you getting the most out of your Google AdWords campaign.

Here we sort through the clutter and pull out top 25 most expensive keywords along with their average CPC in 2017.

  1. Business Services – $58.64
  2. Bail Bonds – $58.48
  3. Casino – $55.48
  4. Lawyer – $54.86
  5. Asset Management – $49.86
  6. Insurance – $48.41
  7. Cash Services & Payday Loans – $48.18
  8. Cleanup & Restoration Services – $47.61
  9. Degree – $47.36
  10. Medical Coding Services – $46.84
  11. Rehab – $46.14
  12. Psychic – $43.78
  13. Timeshare – $42.13
  14. HVAC – $41.24
  15. Business Software – $41.12
  16. Medical Needs – $40.73
  17. Loans – $40.69
  18. Plumber – $39.19
  19. Termites – $38.88
  20. Pest Control – $38.84
  21. Mortgages – $36.76
  22. Online Gambling – $32.84
  23. Banking – $31.43
  24. Hair Transplant – $31.37
  25. Google AdWords – $30.06

Why These Keywords Are So Pricey?

The amount advertisers are charged per click not really matters, rather cost per conversion is significant.

Advertisers are ready to pay more per click as having the funds for a pretty high cost per acquisition and as that acquisition is so valuable to the business, it balances the advertising costs.

Marketing and advertising always end to ROI, and you’ll able to get strong ROI from AdWords even with high CPCs providing enough of those clickers are converting to clients.

The smart advertiser is confirming he keeps CPA low by holding costs as much as possible and optimizing for conversions.

Secondly, expensive keywords cover products or services that people look for urgently.

Don’t be scared of AdWords simply because the cost per clicks are higher; consider your ad costs within the perception of your whole business.

A few tips to help you make the most out of your CPC budget:

  • Be Specific: Target specific, 3-5 word keywords. You can use a Keyword Tool to generate specific keyword ideas, both short and long tail keywords.
  • Quality Score: High AdWords Quality Scores can help lower your average CPC. Tools like Keyword Niche Finder can help you divide large keyword lists into smaller, more targeted lists that you can write more targeted ad text for, succeeding in improved Quality Scores and better keyword rankings.
  • Use Negative Keywords: Use a negative keyword tool to find out keywords you do not want to disclose. Irrelevant keywords result in costly clicks that will never drive conversions.


About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 25 Most EXPENSIVE AdWords Keywords of all-time

11 Lead Form Examples You Need To 10x Your Conversion

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Lead generation pages are designed precisely for the purpose of capturing personal information, used further to nurture that prospect down your marketing funnel.

Below are 11 of the best lead capture forms, from which you can steal great design tactics to make yours high-converting.

#1 TopTal

TopTal is a site for hiring the top 1% of developers and designers. It has one of the best lead capture forms.

Their form has no distractions, is well-designed, and follows to all of the usual conversion optimization best practices. It uses conditional logic to ask different questions to different users based on your previous answers.

During the entire process, it supports trust signals such as their phone number and client list.

#2 Unmetric

The good stuff about this form is the form and CTA are both colors contrasting, which helps draw the visitor’s attention to that exact part of the page. Company symbols at the bottom of the page establish trust and validity.

#3 U Test

This page does a great job in boosting visitors to sign up. With so strong statements of benefit ‘Earn Money On Your Own Schedule’, you would certainly be willing to spend a little time in filling in the form.

#4 iPro Academy

iPro Academy did well in their lead generation forms.

The headline indicates you’ll get powerful industry trade reports that not even professional advertisers know.

This form is encouraging visitors to download the material with the clear CTA ‘Download Now’. The copy below the CTA button indicates that your information is completely safe.

#5 Litmus

In this form, there’s only one form field, so you don’t have to give up too much to get the email report in return. The copy is inclusive, but brief — allowing you know all the benefits of downloading the report.


DSIM is another great example of a company standing out among the crowd with a well-executed lead generation form. The “Google Partner” badge aligns the business with one of the most recognized brands in internet marketing. The CTA button lets prospects know what will happen after they convert on the form. The copy concisely explains all the benefits of attending 2 hours demo.

#7 BounceExchange

BounceExchange’s lead generation form is another impressively-designed, example of how you can collect leads without using the usual boring form designs. In combination with the clear call to actions button, and a refined progress bar, make this lead generation form performs particularly well.

#8 SingleGrain

A strong headline visibly highlights the reasons to submit your information on this lead generation landing page. A bright, bold button draws the attention of the user. Here is a fabulously designed form with just one field that does it all, plus engaging colors and contrasts – highly converting combo.

#9 WordStream

Another best example of landing page example, the headline promises a grade in just one minute. You can’t compete with results that quickly. There’s only one form field on this page that the client needs to complete to get their AdWords grade.

#10 Infusionsoft

 Infusionsoft is another hero of conversions with simple and concise lead generation form. The copy is super brief, displaying the benefits of using sales & marketing automation. The Company badges of well-known companies create trust.

#11 Datanyze

 In Datanyze, the lead generation form slides in from the side of the screen when you click ‘request a demo’. Catchy headline, clear CTA button, and fields that take less than 2 minutes to fill in – good layout!

Steal all the good tips from these above-mentioned examples, and you can create your lead generation landing page from “good” to “great” that converts.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 11 Lead Form Examples You Need To 10x Your Conversion

7 Lead Generation Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

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Identifying, reaching and appealing the right audience for your business can be very challenging. The key to making sales is to first generate lead.

From common design errors to missing main features of a lead generation offer, it’s possible you’re making severe lead generation mistakes without even spotting.

Here are 7 lead generation mistakes you completely need to avoid.

Mistake #1: Top Web Pages aren’t optimized

If you’re looking to generate leads, a landing page is an important tool you need to find success. A landing page streamlines and optimizes the conversion process with a single goal.

Businesses sometimes are not optimizing the most trafficked landing pages such as “Contact Us”. Here are chances to seize on prospect interest in your business.

You should have a landing page for every advertising campaign you run. Make sure these pages are optimized with noticeable, separate Calls-To-Action (CTAs), generally placed in the upper left-hand corner for prime visibility. Also consider the addition of special offers on these pages, in order to generate more interest.

Mistake #2: Call-To-Action Lacks Urgency

A Call-To-Action (CTA) button is possibly the most important feature in your whole lead generation campaign. Without CTAs your visitors cannot turn into leads.

Visitors come to your website at different steps in their “buyer’s journey.” A common CTA won’t likely generate many results.

Whether they’re downloading an eBook, signing up for a free trial, viewing a demo product video or some other value-added incentive, prospects need to be able to click-through and convert.

Mistake#3: Not Planning for Realistic Goals

If your lead generation aims are not related to your company revenue target, it’s not likely that you’ll have realistic, reachable targets in place.

Without realistic targets, no matter how great your campaign is, you won’t be able to meet expectations, deliver successful results or get ROI. Make sure lead goals for your campaign are correctly mapped to revenue – before a campaign activates and for the best chance of success.

When it comes to promotion and lead generation, some strategies work better for some companies and you never know which ones work best for you until you test them.

Mistake#4: Lead Capturing Forms are Too Long

The biggest mistake made by many businesses is to ask prospects to fill a long registration form, asking them too much information (ranging from name, age, occupation, email, telephone or mobile number, company name and other details etc.)

Forms that ask for too much information are most likely to disappoint potential interest in your business services and a company may end up losing potential customers.

The top-secret for building a strong bond with your prospects lies in asking least information such as name, telephone number, and an email. Short forms can generate larger numbers of potential leads.

Mistake #5: Don’t have a blog to

blog is one greater tool to use for lead generation. It can help drive traffic to your site and convert it into leads and also inform your audience, or position your company & team as a leader.

HubSpot found that 76% of our monthly blog views come from “old” posts.

Update your blog with new posts regularly, so you can also attract leads by adding opt-in forms nearby the content.

Offering visitors to download eBooks, PPTs, and guides in exchange for their contact information is another way to generate leads through your blog.

Mistake #6: Not Using Finest Lead Generation Tools

If you don’t know your audience, who they are or what they’re doing after taking actions, then you need the right tool to find these answers.

There are several great tools out there that can help you learn about your website visitors and convert them into leads.

These tools give you the useful insight and metrics for your visitors. There are also a few different tools and templates out there that’ll help you create different lead generation features you can put on your site.

Mistake #7: Not Segmenting Leads

Once you capture a lead, you need to be segmenting them into offer-based lists that they accepted or converted on.

The biggest mistake of many marketers to treat their all lead the same. This can lead to you nurturing them with the wrong type of content or a high unsubscribe rate.

Make sure that your email tool is automatically segmenting leads as soon as they convert. You can segment leads based on their industry or interest and others. Don’t treat all leads in the same way; segmentation will guide you to a stronger nurturing and sales strategy.


When it comes to generating new leads, it’s important that you optimize your landing page, have valuable and significant offers and are using every possible tool to maximize your conversions.

Make sure to avoid above mentioned 7 mistakes, and you’ll be on the path to lead generation success.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital  marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 7 Lead Generation Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

6 Elements to Double the Delight of a YouTube Video


There isn’t any doubt in YouTube turning into a marketer’s paradise.

YouTube has more than 1 billion monthly users; 6 out of 10 people preferring online video platforms to live TV makes it one of the best marketing or advertising destinations; on an average session, users spend about 40 minutes on YouTube daily; these reasons alongside others declare why YouTube is great for marketing.

So, in an offer to help, let’s take a look at the elements making your YouTube video successful.

1) Branded Intro Footage

When you include branded info footage in your video, it encourages your viewers to immediately recognize your work and so, you here save them against your competition.

This type of branding helps your viewers remember the video and the strategy prove helpful when they have to refer someone to it.

How to add it?

  • Create short branding video (less than 3 seconds) and upload it to your YouTube channel.
  • Sign-in to your YouTube account.
  • Click on the small avatar located top-right > Creator Studio.
  • Go to the Channel section > Branding.
  • Click on the Add a branding video button.
  • Select your branding video > Click on Save.

2) A great intro

Studies say that 20% of viewers leave after the initial 10 seconds of a brand’s YouTube video and so, you cannot skip over the importance of intro.

The progression comes alongside including branded intro footage; clarify evidently to your viewers what they are going to see, and how that is of profit to them.

3) Background Music

 Now and again, YouTube videos become boring and you need something to keep your viewers interested. Background music not only grabs the attention of viewers but also sets their moods for viewing session, connecting emotionally.

However, be alert that the music summons the desired emotions and you are legally allowed to use it in your video.

4) Being Audible

So, a great intro and nice background music will prove to be effective only when the video can be clearly heard.

When your video is only a pictorial illustration, go for loud background music and when it is an oral presentation; get heard above the background music included.

5) Make it short

With YouTube enabling users to look for videos based on duration, among different filters, we obviously can’t ignore the importance of video length. And, after studying several examples; it has been found that a short YouTube video is always a winning approach.

6) A cleverly placed CTA

YouTube viewers are short on time. There is too much content to view and they have to be specific. Subsequently, you need to e creative about how you take in your CTA because your audience will begin to disappear over the length of the video.

So, use these tips and improve your YouTube video performance more.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 6 Elements to Double the Delight of a YouTube Video