8 Exit Popup Hacks To Make You More Money

Exit popups: your secret weapon to higher conversions

Do you want to know what an exit intent popup is?

Here is the answer: When a visitor tries to exit your website or landing page, a popup will appear with a different offer or a reason for them to stay around longer.

The idea is not to stop anyone from leaving but to hit visitors that would otherwise leave and forget about you with an irresistible offer.

Exit popups help re-engage visitors who were about to leave. Here the article has hacks that can make your exit popups super effective and help you create a great experience for your visitors.

#1 Arrows to Guide

The strategy works to the advantage within exit intent popups while making your visitors experience even better. At the time when you are driving your visitors home, this works exceptionally pointing out the main benefit or to the actual CTA itself, dropping friction in the brain.

#2 Your “No” trickery option

It does create an easy, no-brainer yes, and when someone does click on that ‘yes’, it builds their thrust towards essentially converting. A choice can leave doubt in people’s minds if they did make the right decision or not and the choice when lingering on in their minds, gives them likelihood of coming back to the site anyway.

#3 Coupons to lessen Buying Friction

With this, your customers have now reasons to stay longer to discover your products, and are more likely to buy at better prices.

The strategy is important and effective as studies have shown that a coupon when makes the product of the price more acceptable for customers, you get an opportunity to make an additional sale. It’s a winning situation as you were about to lose that visitor forever.

Here is an example that tries to catch a customer at the point of leaving with 20% off coupon.

#4 Urgency that doesn’t feel cheap

The example here taken from WordPress Countdown doesn’t fake urgency and keeps you accountable to only offering your time-sensitive offers during your set time periods. Urgency with your exit popup can be classy, folks. And you don’t even have to employ the despicable scarcity mindset that a lot of scammy online tricksters use.

#5 Discount style!

This strategy of offering an extra offer in an effort to get people to convertworks as letting them save a little extra money. So, a workable hack!

You can give extra month/days free in case of running a SaaS business, a percentage-based discount on the orders, or free shipping. Think about what’s appropriate for your business model and choose accordingly.

#6 Employing Scarcity

Scarcity works because it forces action. If you want it, you have to decide now.

When you are introducing something soon and there is a visitor on a landing page talking about that specific product, employing exit-intent based scarcityto get people to think twice about opting in, is a workable strategy.

Though, it’s not mandate that this psychological reactance would always cause people to want offerings more; we buy because we want it.

#7 Suggesting another read

When visitors have spent enough time and done enough scrolling to get the info/read, it’s time they might leave the site. Now, you can suggest another blog post that’s popular and matches their interest.

Speaking of further suggestions or reading, the example here speaks well how & why it works. Educating and buttering up your visitors with quality information before they leave can bring conversion opportunities.

#8 Go for free trial

There are so many tools offering a free trial of offerings or money back guarantee and taking advantage out of these, you can go ahead and try out an exit intent popup on your site. You have gotten nothing to lose and a load of conversions and new sales to gain.

These tips are worth trying and with your own experiences you might add more exit popup hacks to your list.

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6 Fool-Proof Ways to Scale Your Social Media Exposure

The key to any successful social media strategy is how you interact with your leads on social media.

Research has shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Providing social users with interesting, useful content helps bring in quality leads.

Done right, social media strategy will have a huge, positive effect on your conversions and sales. Let’s look at how scaling your social media helps achieve this.

#1 Complete and useful Company Bio

Your company’s bio must be comprehensive and informative. Mainly, all of the basic information, location information and hours of operation should be listed in a social media company bio.

Try to have the information about who the company is and what it does as short as possible while providing the most facts possible. Consider using a brand slogan or motto or story to drive a major point across instead of long paragraphs of information.

#2 Build Trust with Followers

As a business becomes a reliable entity in an industry, users count on the information shared by that brand to be the truth.

In times of disaster, major tragedies or serious events, social media is the easiest and fastest way to get information to users.

The promptness of social media posts reaching the masses lets friends and family members to check on those in an affected area. It also helps those directly affected to know where necessary resources can be located.

#3 Partner with Influencers

The important way to scale is to have your company partner with influencerson social media. An influencer is a person on social media that constantly creates content for their usually large and very engaged audience on a regular basis.

By partnering with influencers, you’ll be able to gain better visibility for your services, a strong relationship with a recognized voice in your industry, exposure to a significant audience, an increased following, and applicable traffic driven to your web assets.

See how Hallmark partnered with top fashion blogger and Instagrammer, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific on a longer-term sponsored collaboration.

Many brands are now deciding to engage audiences more efficiently with longer-term partnerships where the influencer becomes a strategic and central part of the main marketing campaign.

#4 Digital Takeovers

The main digital takeover of social media has started major live video related trends.

The creation of platforms like Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook continuous live video streaming allows brands to share live stories, live coverage and relevant information directly with its audience.

In today’s technically advanced world, being this useful does appear to be essential.

#5 Lower Costs for Marketing

If you are promoting on a business social media page, it costs nothing but an employee’s time. A business can go for paid social media advertisement campaigns and sponsored posts as well.

These campaigns are seen by more audiences of a social media platform than just those that are directly linked to the brand. The lower cost of marketing may make it possible for a brand to offer more advertising.

Brands will have a larger audience for promotions and special offers. The amount of revenue a company gets from brands promotions alone can help expand a business’s audience.

The larger audience likely combined with more purchases being completed from promotional materials far surpasses any cost of marketing via social media.

#6 Scaling Coverage with Expansion

Social media can be used to constantly engage with an existing audience. At the same time, it can grow an audience to expand business processes.

Users may demand that brands be present on multiple social media channels as some only pay attention to one or two social media networks often.

It doesn’t displease to share something a little humor and off topic sometimes. It shows the audience that the brand knows how to have fun and that life can’t be serious all of the time. A little humor once-in-a-while is a good thing, just be sure to use it attractively.


It is important to be present on social media. Things posted on social media go viral speedily.

It can make a huge and positive effect on your business driving your salesnumbers up, creating a trending topic, and building a resilient and more reliable audience.

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Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 6 Fool-Proof Ways to Scale Your Social Media Exposure

7 Tips to Nurture Leads with Marketing Automation


Lead nurturing is important for any business to move potential buyers down their sales funnel and to increase sales.

The research shows that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost

Marketing automation can help drive sales revenue by nurturing leads so that sales opportunities come from customers with the right level of needs. It helps you pinpoint, segment, and target your individual buyer personas as you develop your inbound marketing strategy.

Check out these 7 ways you can use marketing automation to help nurture your leads-

#1 Lead Scoring

Pick a marketing automation tool that offers lead scoring. Lead scoring means you can rank leads by how likely they are to purchase, which in turn lets you, laser-focus your efforts on the most positive leads.

With lead scoring, you can give scores based on a wide range of standards such as:

  • Budget
  • Purchasing power
  • Presence at live or online events
  • Awareness in your business
  • Buying signals
  • Demographics such as location or industry

When you score your leads, you give yourself an insider’s guide to which leads are the most possible to become productive clients.

#2 Stay with Customers throughout the Sales Cycle

From the minute a client first shows interest in your products to the moment they decide to purchase, you have various opportunities to get in touch and guide them towards buying. Marketing automation makes sure you never miss one of those probabilities.

Lead nurturing confirms that you know properly when a lead is ready to buy because you will have communicated with them throughout the sales cycle.

Following up two, six or twelve months down the line will keep you in touch with your clients throughout the buying cycle and open the way for repeat purchases or upselling.

#3 Nurture the Most Potential Leads

Marketing automation helps you keep in touch with the most potential leads. For example, you have a lead who:

  • Scores highly in your lead scoring system
  • Shows active interest in your company
  • Downloads an opt-in offer or signs up for emails
  • Requests a call back about your services
  • Frequently visits your sales page

With marketing automation, you can set trigger points that match promising lead actions, when a trigger point is reached, your software will automatically send an email, schedule a call, or whatever action you input.

It helps you to pinpoint and reach out to the best leads so your effort isn’t wasted on those that are doubtful to convert.

#4 Conduct Real-Time Notifications

It’s important for lead nurturing to be suitable and applicable to each lead. No matter where your potential lead is in the sales funnel, they may need to be reminded about an offer or action they need to take.

Marketing automation can help to confirm that real-time notifications can be used to meet the needs of your leads quickly.

#5 Reach the Right Audience on Social Media

Social media is the best place to meet new leads and start good conversations with them. Marketing automation helps you make the most of social media.

With marketing automation you can set up timed social media posts, design your schedule, well-planned your posts in front of the right leads at just the right moment.

It boosts your leads to more interaction, such as links to download or online events, special offers and more.

#6 Investigate Lead behaviors

Marketing automation makes it easy to investigate into your leads’ behavior and collect valuable information that you can use to improve your marketing efforts. You can learn a lot from lead behavior such as:

  • Click patterns
  • Time spent surfing
  • Post engagement
  • Pages visited
  • Signups and downloads

With marketing automation, you can send out information that is perfectly suited to each behavior and designed to nurture those prospects.

#7 Offer Focused Information

Your customers like promised information. Information that isn’t useful or detailed to them will quickly be thrown out – and your business along with it.

With marketing automation, you can section your customer list by any number of reasons including downloads, purchase history, behavior on your website, social media engagement, demographics, and much more.

That means you can wisely build a marketing campaign for each segment, making sure your customers only see the information that matters the most to them. And, you can build a trust and guide them towards the sale.


Generating sales leads is dynamic for the growth and future of your business. Marketing automation takes the trouble out of finding and refining the most profitable leads, helping you build a stronger customer base.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 7 Tips to Nurture Leads with Marketing Automation


[INFOGRAPHIC]- Organic Search Marketing vs. Paid Search Advertising

In order to remain competitive online, it is absolutely important to find the right combination of tried and true practices and strategies that will work well for your business’s visibility.

Organic search marketing or Paid search advertising, which is the more effective traffic generation and customer acquisition channel between the two?

There has been a lively discussion going on for a long time over the use of organic search marketing and paid search advertising, and which one provides better value for a brand’s social marketing strategies.

So, let’s compare the two strategies and find which one more effective.

dsim image

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: [INFOGRAPHIC]- Organic Search Marketing vs. Paid Search Advertising

11 Impressive Facebook Messenger Stats You Need To Break Out



  1. Facebook Messenger users: 2 billion people
  2. Percentage of the world’s population that use Facebook Messenger monthly: 11%
  3. Number of photos sent through Facebook Messenger per month: 17 million
  4. Number of chatbots on Facebook Messenger: 30,000 bots
  5. Number of people that use Facebook Messenger’s audio and video calling features each month: 400 million users
  6. Average number of messages sent monthly between users and businesses on Facebook Messenger: 2 billion messages
  7. Number of businesses on Facebook Messenger: 60 million
  8. Percentage of global VoIP calls that take place on Facebook Messenger: 10%
  9. Average number of GIFs sent on Facebook Messenger daily: 22 million
  10. Average number of GIFs sent per second on Facebook Messenger: 254 GIFs per second
  11. >89% of users access Facebook on their mobile devices and they check Facebook 14 times a day.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 11 Impressive Facebook Messenger Stats You Need To Break Out

8 Important Tips For Picking Your Website Color Scheme


Setting up a solid brand identity is important just like a key ingredient in building trust, making customers feel comfortable, and making long-term followers.

There are several things that together make the contribution and so, is the Brand color; having a relationship with brand value.

Just like several other aspects, it’s equally important to choose the right color scheme for your website.

Here are 8 important tips on how to pick the perfect website color scheme, so that you can make it pop:

1) Familiarize yourself with colors affecting emotion

The very first thing suggested is to understand how color influences individuals in emotional terms. You should spend some time looking at examples & info available on web and also, thinking about the psychological implications of the different colors. An inclusive look at the role color plays in marketing and how it impacts customer engagement can really help you in driving your endeavors effectively.

An image depicting various CTA buttons color effect.

2) Think about your audience demographic

Now, it’s time to think about people whom you’re trying to reach and sell to i.e. your target audience.

Consider the personality and emotions of your target audience and then, go for the best color option. Give it a place of primary color. To state an illustration, if you are an organic food company, green would be the best color for your website as it’s associated with nature and health. Emotions and psychology behind common colors!

3) Think about age group

It’s not obvious to think about age group but is needed to do so.

Studies have revealed that an individual’s preferences changes with age and when there are certain age groups ruling yours demographic, you have to consider this factor too.

4) How many colors should be used?

Excluding the primary color you have decided, it’s time to figure out how many colors you want to use in total.

Here is the 60-30-10 rule saying three colors should be used in varying degrees (60%, 30%, 10%) to create the perfect harmony.

  • 60 percent of a dominant color
  • 30 percent of a secondary color
  • 10 percent of an accent color

To make it clearer, here is an example exhibited. Green here is the primary color, white is the secondary color and black is the accent color. It’s not mandated to go only with three colors rule but is a good one, to begin with.

5) Choose your set of colors

Figure out which set of colors you want to use and keep in mind that your choice should be easier on your visitors’ eyes and creates at least a certain amount of aesthetic appeal. However, one should definitely achieve the contrast.

A good example to look at:

6) Consider gender

There are brands/companies which cater to a specific gender and if you are the one amongst them, you should know what are men’s and women’s favorite and least favorite colors. Studies have shown that each gender has definite color preferences.

Images revealing favorite color by gender:

You can keep this factor in mind while working on your website color scheme.

7) Use tools for help

A simple tip to streamline the process; use tools!

There are tools like KulerColor Scheme DesignerColorspire, etc. giving you a fast and easy way to test out different color combinations to give you a preview & better idea about their execution on your website. This will help you not only save the time, but to find the right color combinations.

8) Come up with different color schemes; compare & choose the best

When you commit yourself to the first color scheme you have come up with, it sounds exceptionally restricting and isn’t suggested as well.

Coming up with three or four different color schemes and comparing each one side-by-side help you find the color scheme that fits your brand most.

Here, you simply need to understand the psychology behind color and the emotions that various colors conjure up. And, with a bit of experimentation and trial and error, you should be able to come up with the optimal website color scheme.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 8 Important Tips For Picking Your Website Color Scheme


13 Selected Apps You Need To Do Your Sales Tasks

Apps and tools have become important parts of our daily lives and businesses.

In sales department, it’s not surprising that representatives keep on running from meeting to meeting or on the road ready to deliver their next presentation. With this busy schedule, it’s essential that you have access to your sale systems at all times.

But besides sales software, sales representative can download simple yet useful apps to optimize their time away from their desks.

We’ve listed here best 13 apps to make your life easier and improve your sales operations.

#1 Keynote

What It Does??

Keynote’s powerful tools will allow you to create flawless presentations. You can make & show slideshows and presentations right from your tablet or phone.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Drag-and-drop images easily.
  • Saves your work automatically, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your projects.
  • Share your excellent presentations with the rest of your team by either sending them your file or a link to your project.

Why We Love It??

No need to pull out your laptop to work on your pitch deck. Just download Keynote and unleash your creative skill. And, it works on both Apple Devices and Android.

#2 Meeting Mapper

What It Does??

Meeting Mapper allows you to capture notes (internal and external) as well as the role, stance and level of participation of all the meeting attendees and assign next steps or action items.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy, Effective and Efficient meeting management
  • Plan and Schedule Your Meetings 100% Native in Salesforce
  • Store all critical meeting information
  • Follow Up Your Meetings
  • Easy-to-use interface that quickly captures over 75 structured data points per meeting
  • Builds real-time org maps during meetings

Why We Love It??

Allows you to track who is in meetings, provide public and private notes, and syncs notes into the Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Evernote, Dropbox and a host of other business tools at the touch of a button.

#3 Appear.In

What It Does??

Appear.in is a simple way to start talking to anyone over video, without having to log in or install anything. Simply go to appear.in, create a room name and send the room link to the person you want to talk to!

Key Features & Benefits

  • One-click video conferencing
  • Add up to ten participants and easily share your screen
  • Can share links in the text chat

Why We Love It??

Appear.In allows you to create and join video conferences with nothing more than a URL. While the mobile app is useful, people can join through their browsers, with no registration, bulky plugins or cumbersome interfaces.

#4 Evernote

What It Does??

Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. It change the way you organize your personal and professional projects.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Organize notes, photos, ideas, checklists
  • An easy-to-use, flexible tool
  • Available across platforms on desktop, mobile, or on the web
  • share your notes with business colleagues or friends

Why We Love It?

All your notes now live in the cloud, available on all your devices. With outstanding text recognition, you can snap photos of handwritten notes and make them searchable. Tag notes and paste in charts, pictures and attachments. Evernote saves time and keeps you organized.

#5 Expensify

What It Does?

Expensify is a financial service company that develops a travel and expense web and mobile application for personal and business use. It is the leading choice for accountants and businesses worldwide.

Key Features & Benefits

  • OCR receipt scanning
  • Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone
  • One click export
  • Export to Major Accounting Packages
  • Mileage tracking
  • Corporate Card Reconciliation

Why We Love It?

Submitting expense reports is a time-consuming drag. With Expensify, you just snap photos of your receipts and it does the tedious work for you.

#6 Tripit

What It Does?

TripIt is the travel organizing app that automatically creates a master itinerary for every trip so you can access all your travel plans, anytime, on any device.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Organize travel plans in one place
  • Access on smartphone/tablet with free app
  • Add or edit plans manually
  • Sync travel plans with your calendar
  • Store travel documents in one place
  • Receive real-time flight alerts

Why We Love It?

Tripit really takes the hassle out of organizing travel plans. It’s all right in front of you. It sends push notifications with flight updates, provides driving directions and even monitors whether airline flight prices change.

#7 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What It Does?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator turns the passive LinkedIn platform into a social selling machine. This tool connects buyers and sellers in a unique way.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Get custom lead recommendations based on your preferences
  • Effortlessly log and import sales activity to and from your CRM
  • Easily find the right leads and businesses with Advanced search
  • Get real-time sales updates on your prospects and customers
  • Reach out to any LinkedIn member with InMail

Why We Love It?

Sales rep can identify decision makers and craft significant messaging that gets noticed. Plus, they never have to walk into another meeting unprepared. It is easily allows you to create highly targeted lead lists, and interact with them in meaningful ways.

#8 Twitter

What It Does?

Twitter is a great app to have, especially if you’ll be attending live conferences. It increases social interactions during your events and conferences.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Live tweet conferences
  • Connect with your industry followers
  • Go live using periscope

Why We Love It?

With this, you can follow industry leaders that may have been speaking at those events, and connecting with them at a later date. The live events have their own unique hashtag, so the more you use a hashtag, the more your tweets will appear on that particular events feed.

#9 CamCard

What It Does?

CamCard is a business card mobile app that transforms your mobile device into a powerful business card reader.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Accurately read cards in 16 languages
  • Batch scans all your paper cards to cut the card clutter
  • Exchange e-cards with people nearby at meetings, tradeshow or seminar
  • Synchronize cards across smartphones, tablets and the web app
  • Add meeting notes with texts or images, set reminders

Why We Love It?

It is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards, the perfect fit for salespeople, entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, and anyone who want to be one.

#10 Base

What It Does?

Base provides several tools, including mobile CRM, lead management, reports and analytics, email automation, and Base Voice, for improving sales productivity.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easily assign leads to sales reps
  • Manage your sales pipeline more efficiently with customizable sales stages
  • An easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Manage your customer relationships with stored call records, recordings, notes, and emails between your company and the customer on one single card

Why We Love It?

Base is designed with the sole purpose of significantly boosting your team’s sales productivity and giving you the core sales tools you need to grow your business.

#11 Sellsy

What It Does?

Sellsy is an online customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management platform. It offers solutions such as CRM pipeline, invoicing, time-tracking, helpdesk, ERP, POS, and more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Track CRM opportunities with pipeline view
  • Automatically sort all of your team emails
  • Access visual reports anywhere with powerful statistic tools
  • Filter your data and get instant results
  • Track time spent on projects to efficiently log hours and rebill them quickly
  • Review the real-time live margins to keep your margins in check

Why We Love It?

Sellsy has simple user interface that is really easy to use and requires very little training: your staff will enjoy using it.

#12 Repsly

What It Does?

Repsly’s all-in-one field management tool gives teams everything they need to execute at the highest level. It offers simple, adaptable software for organizations that need visibility into their field team’s activities.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Geotagged Photos
  • Team Management
  • Product Monitoring
  • Internal Text Communication
  • Powerful and Beautiful Real-Time Reporting
  • Work Time Tracking
  • Easily perform retail audits, inspections, and more

Why We Love It?

The world’s most intuitive productivity app empowers teams in the field, while the web app gives managers the visibility and control they’ve always wanted.

#13 FunnelSource

What It Does?

FunnelSource is the highest-rated pipeline management and forecasting app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Powerful analytics with on-demand insight into the sales cycle
  • Single-screen Interface
  • Seamless Salesforce Integration
  • Flexible Forecasting
  • Customer-specific metrics

Why We Love It?

A 100% real-time sales analytics app that standardizes sales forecasting and pipeline management, FunnelSource Mobile gives you all the power of the desktop solution on your mobile device.

About DSIM:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Source: 13 Selected Apps You Need To Do Your Sales Tasks